How normal is it for thighs to touch?

Or do only fat people thighs touch, and is it ugly when u see people thighs touch?

Answer #1

Good question, I’m taking a guess on this one. I think all girls thighs touch, but from what I’ve seen in my area, only SOME touch, I’m not naming anyone for their privacy.

Answer #2

Most of the time, only extremely skinny girls thighs don’t touch. Like if they are a size 00-3 or something. But I don’t think it’s healthy to be that skinny, especially if it’s on purpose. I think girls that have a little meat on their bones are beautiful! Sizes 5-13, beautiful. However their are a lot of plus size girls that are size 13-18 that look really nice! Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Some girls just look better big, others look better small. Just all depends. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Answer #3

If your legs are crossed it is normal…if you are standing normal and they touch, this could be a sign of too many cheeseburgers or you are a body builder….if you are laying down spread eagle and they touch, you are probably a few hundred pounds overweight….

Answer #4

Nothing wrong with a few cheeseburgers. Nothing wrong with thighs touching. Most healthy women have thighs that touch. Unless you are a stick that weighs 50-90lbs. your thighs are probably going to touch some what.

Answer #5

This is so true…in fact the only girls I have seen whose thighs do not touch are sickly looking 80 pound models…

Answer #6

heres a pic of my thighs [link removed] i have a bad self confence or what ever its called and i think im fat and i was just wordering becuase like i wanted to fix them if they looked bad before my birthday

Answer #7

www .tinypic. com /r/zl6bf9/3 thats the pic with out sapces though

Answer #8

It is completely normal for that. Many girls experience the same thing. your body is growing and adjusting.

Answer #9

OMFG!!!!!!! You are not FAT!!! you are perfect! I wish I looked like that! wtf!?!?! That is like the perfect body! You don’t need to lose any weight at all, you look great just like that. If you lose any weight, you will be too skinny. Omg…

Answer #10

i weight 150. lol I’m not skinny trust me. Im no were near it my bmi is 29-30.

Answer #11

i wear a size 16 in jeans

Answer #12

Are you sure you wear size 16 in jeans? You look like somewhere between a size 8 and 13. I weigh 146lbs. and I look a lot bigger than you. BTW size 16 is fine! Your weight fits your body very well. You do not look fat, or big AT ALL. I honestly would rather have your body. If you did decide to lose weight, it should only be for health benefits, and honestly for you, I wouldn’t lose more than 10-15lbs.I think you look fine, I am not just saying that to make you feel better either. I really do wish I had your body. I weigh a bit less than you and my thighs touch weigh more than yours! My belly is not flat AT ALL I look pregnant! Trust me, you are gorgeous! If you feel like you have a bit of pudginess in your belly and thighs, do some exercises to tone them up, not lose weight. Crunches, lunges etc…If I looked like you, I would be sooo happy and confident.

Answer #13

ik like i dont have any confident i consitaly have sisters yelling at me saying “ur fat ur fat we can walk about with out walking into ur fat body” and ect and i grew up a very fat kid. And i bet ur beautiful :] and yeah i wear a size 16. At my school thers alot of skinny people. my bf weight 97pounds and hes healthy hes not one bit bones. :/ so i feel so bad about my body when im around everyone and i have a good inch or 2 of fat on my stomach maby more :/ i bet ur beauitful though love. and i jsut fund this website that will help me lose weight :D its called weightfan. com

Answer #14

Well, I don’t care what they say or look like. You are a perfect example of the perfect body in my eyes. If you do lose weight, please don’t go over board. Really, you shouldn’t care what anyone else says about you, most of the time they are lying and they know it! They are either jealous, kidding around (without letting you know), or just being mean! Honestly, you are not one bit fat at all. You have no idea how I used to feel. I used to hate myself, I felt ugly, fat, and everything. But I just started to realize, I am fine, and all the people that told me I was ugly and fat were just plain mean. they didn’t care whether they hurt me, they didn’t care about anyone but themselves. Yes, I still wish my stomach was flat and my thighs were thinner. But I am not worried about it. If I looked like you, I would be so happy, and would be the most confident girl ever. You really aren’t fat, you look great. Anybody that tells you otherwise are b!tches, don’t listen to them.

Answer #15

thanks you u like really boost up my self confidence. :] well even though iv never seen u just telling by how you talk well type i think ur beautiful :] haha that man up there is going to have alot of notifications.

Answer #16

well alerts. forgot were not on facebook :P

Answer #17

You are gorgeous! You are a good healthy size don’t you ever worry about that. I wish I had your body! I need to gain weight because I lost a whole lot because I thought I was fat and now I hate my body even more! I’m too thin and trust me, it is not attractive. You lose your feminine curves. Your body is gorgeous don’t worry about it.

Answer #18

Exactly! =]

Answer #19

Mine do that. and i HATE HATE HATE it XP Haha, you remind me so much of me. :] (dang, even the pic!!) Anyways, so you said u weigh 150, but u forgot to state your hight missy! THIS is a HUGE factor when consider weight!!!

Answer #20

im 4’11-5’1 :P lol but u look skinnyyyy :]

Answer #21

Lol, its all in the camera angle ;) i didnt go to photography class for nothin!

Answer #22

lol ooo :] u went to classes! :D luckyyy.

Answer #23

I think it’s more common for girls to have thighs that touch than to have thighs that gap.

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