do girls shoot differently to boys in basketball?

Answer #1

The technique to actually do the shot is the same, however men and women are built differently. Men are more top heavy, most of there muscle is upper body, there for there center of balance is there shoulders, where as women have there center of balance at there hips. This may or may not effect the effectiveness and ability to perform the shot all together, rather you have the strengh and perforance ability as a male or female, but the tecnhique is the same, just follow through.

Answer #2

Basketball has a certain way of shooting a basket, so f They should be using the same way for both, but boys can sometimes be a bit stronger or taller, is not always the case but it is mostly. But over all its bassically the same.

Answer #3

We use the same technique , but sometimes guys add more of a jump when they shoot whereas a girl extends her arm more and pushes the ball up and a guy pushes the ball down. When I shoot I jump and push my ball up so it goes over the net then comes back down into it , and SWOOSH!(:

Answer #4

No not really.

Answer #5

i dont know, maybe we do, but all the time when i watch nba, guys jump, pause, then release their shots. i dont see tha too often with women though, thats all. but thanks guys

Answer #6

No, grils have the right to play basketball just as much as as boys.

Answer #7

Yeah… I’ve not seen a woman shoot a J like Ray Allen, and he’s a pretty skinny guy… I’m not saying women can’t play, but they do have different shooting mechanics than men do. It’s gotta be the center of mass.

My center of mass is in my shoulders… Or at least close to it. I shoot, my force comes from my core. Girls shoot, they have to leverage their weight through their torso, release, and guide the ball. It’s gotta be harder. And you can see it.

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