Where do I find a girl like this?

I have girl problems. I can’t seem to find a girl I’m truly compatible with. I can give you some idea what I’m looking for:

-She discovers her own taste of music, not just whatever is on the Top-40. -Her hobbies don’t include “clubbing” or “partying” -She’s intelligent, witty, sarcastic & original -She’s comfortable with her mind and body & doesn’t strive for cosmopolitan-perfection -She makes her own decisions about life & spirituality, etc. -She knows that pro-wrestling is fake, The Real World is NOT real, and that American Idol has jumped the shark.

Where do I FIND a girl like that? I don’t go to clubs or bars, where a good place to find her? I’d prefer to avoid the ‘online’ date sites, unless I have no other options…

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2 can play the reporting game

Too bad, I have home-field advantage.

Answer #2

puts browneyedgrl4123 in one corner and captainassassin in the other.

Aright you two - I want a clean fair fight. Keep it interesting, but keep it clean, keep it fair. Touch gloves… READY… FIGHT! Ding

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Answer #4

I know.

Answer #5

2 can play the reporting game

Answer #6

hey thata me well kinda and i really like all your advice you give everyone and i dont go to the clubs or bars i want a guy like that too too bad you live inn dallas i live in houston

Answer #7

great places to meet girls like that: the library the museum

well thats all i can think of, im looking for the same stuff in a girl if you can think of any more let me know!

Answer #8

Well where are you from. You just described me.

Answer #9

It’s a two way street. When either person is just looking out for theirself, you’re not going to mesh. If one or either is just talking and not listening to the other, you won’t find her and she won’t find you. Listening is more than hearing. It’s taking it into your brain and heart and considering what was said for longer than a couple of moments. I am not saying that you should believe everything someone tells you. But I’m also not saying you should disbelieve everything either. For someone who is asking a question, I don’t think you want an answer. You are closed off to any other voice but your own. And you sure like to offer your own answers – as of now, there are 1268 answers from you and only a handful of questions. And you pick and choose who answers you. In one of your responses to answers offered to you, you respond to it and then wrote, “Regardless, this answer is for the ‘Great Advisor’ … so everyone shhh…”

You’re too closed off to let anyone in and share you. I’ll pray for you. At least you’re asking the right question.

Answer #10


I said, “This QUESTION is for the GUEST Advisor…”

Meaning, this question was ORIGINALLY for Mandy Moore, when she was a Guest Advisor.

Try READING next time…

P.S. – You’re post has NOTHING to do with the thread topic. If you’re going to post, then post ADVICE, not random misdirected unjustified opinions.

Answer #11

I guess my failed relationships and your lack of them kinda equals out doesnt it…

Not really, that just means you’ve made more mistakes, have poor judgement, and lower standards.

Answer #12

you should go to the club and try to meet the one p[erson u think withh click with u

Answer #13

Damn- I’m taken, otherwise I’d be asking for your phone number :-))) Knowing what you want is most of the issue taken care of. Visualise the woman of your dreams every once in a while, in the way you have been doing. You’ll find each other when you are ready, thats the way it works. So be patient and dream of her often so that your longing increases.

Answer #14

keep smiling ul find her sooner than u think. wot u have described is not asking much really, so jus hold out .she will come to u. good luck bab x

Answer #15

Hahaha that’s funny, you just described me too. I mean, it’ll be nearly impossible for you to find a girl who is 100% totally comfortable with her body, I know I’m self conscious at times. But yeah.. I agree with you on everything else. Even finding just friends like that can be hard. So many people today are brainwashed by media. Blah.

Answer #16

Do you have time to get out and enjoy doing things that interest you? Surround yourself with people with similar tastes and be willing to break outside your everyday circle of friends. I’ve spotted a lot of fine, intelligent girls at poetry slams and book-readings…

Answer #17

I don’t think my standards are unreasonble or unlikely. Did you notice, the first response?

Regardless, this question is for the ‘Guest Advisor’ …so everyone shhh…

Answer #18

In time you’ll find her but unfortuneately we don’t walk around with a compatablilty chart attached to our backs, so its a case of meeting different girls untill you find Miss Right. Don’t set your aims too high at finding Miss Perfect though because you may be disappointed and end up on your own, allow yourself to be flexible with your preferences on others.

Answer #19

Generally speaking… he is not very likely to find a girl like that at a club, IMO… lmao

Answer #20

Naaahhh… nevermind… I’ve given up. I’ll just be single…


Answer #21

Well, what are the places that you like to visit?

Go there, and you’ll hopefully find someone who shares your same interests. If you try to finds girls in random places that you don’t care about then you’ll finds random girls who you don’t care about.

And… American Idol has jumped the shark? :o

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Answer #23

I not only don’t prefer the “online dating” thing, I REFUSE to do any such thing. I don’t even make “friends” online. I get so amused when people say, “You get to the know the REAL person online before you meet them.” AHAHAHAHAHA! That just makes me laugh so hard. I don’t know where you might find her, but she is out there somewhere asking questions like, “Where is a guy who likes his own taste in music? Where is the guy who honest? Where is the guy who is comfortable with his body?…etc.

That reminded me, you should read my answer to someone’s question. A man asked how to talk to women, and I answered him.

Maybe you will find her in a non-traditional setting when you are not even looking. Like the carwash!

Answer #24

Maybe, maybe not.

Once you get past the sharp edges, I’m naturally likeable…

Answer #25

Picky picky picky! Thats good though to know what you want =]

Answer #26

why are you so unhappy with your life? lol seriously. get a hobby or something

Answer #27

hahahaaa righttt. good one hunny.

Answer #28


  • sigh *
Answer #29

oops, sorry I didnt notice this question’s not for us!… but it cant hurt to have lots of opinions can it :-)))

Answer #30

LET HER COME TO YOU You seem like a great guy. Im sure the girl of your dreams with come soon.

Answer #31

Keep swinging… you’re about to strike out…

Answer #32

no dont give up!! dont you work?? or have friends who can introduce you? x

Answer #33

well either way I can at least pretend. it’ll probably get me farther when it comes to you anyway…im sure most people have taken that approach by now

Answer #34

im happy you can get off to facts like that. you and your left hand must be so happy. ill send you both a fruit basket. that seems appropriate.

Answer #35

…that’s the idea.

Answer #36

lol im starting to like you

Answer #37

omg you guys are so stupid this is for mandy ahahahah i just thought that was funny haha sorry

Answer #38

woops, sorry, i didn’t know your age, ur too old for me.

Answer #39

…trashy guidettes?

Answer #40

I was… but you’re too high-maintenence, and disobedient…

Answer #41

or a dog

Answer #42

I guess my failed relationships and your lack of them kinda equals out doesnt it…

Answer #43

go to a book store or a coffee shop or something. who needs trashy guidettes? ::gag:: ugh i just got the chills

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