Gift for boyfriend's grandma

I just started dating a wonderful man, and I was invited to a family gathering to celebrate his grandma's birthday. I looking for gift ideas for her. I would appreciate any help.

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I would either look at bath&body works or thingsremembered

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I'd go for maybe a nice book (remember to get bold print)

or body lotion and bath stuff, just be careful to find out if she doesnt' have sensitive skin.

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Picture Frame
Small Statue, Figurine, Cross, etc.
Robe and Slippers
Bath Stuff and Lotions

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something artistic, with a lot of cool designs. or something that will go with the seen in her house. example: my grandma like sunflowers and anything thats orange or brown, so I got her something like that and she loved it.

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Why not make a family tree for her? Like this one My grandma was extremely happy to receive the one))

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