getting your cherry popped ..

does getting your cherry popped hurt ? wouldnt it be embarrasing if you started bleeding everywhere !? :| … how old do girls usually start fingering themselves at ?

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I lost my virginity almost 7 years ago and some times it still hurts so you just going to deal with it

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sikashimmer, thanks for your advice :)

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I fingered myself at 14 and it poped at 15 and now im 16 and it is all better

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It’s different for evey woman. SOme have thicker hymens than others. And some have damaged their hymen through normal activities. For me it didn’t hurt, it was just a bit uncomfortable and didn’t bleed much, just a few spots.

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it doesn’t hurt at all. people are just babies. after I had sex for the first time I was like is that it?!??!?!

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For me it didn’t hurt it was a little awkward maybe that was because I was young at the time

It doesn’t usually bleed a lot so don’t worry about that

and girls start to touch themselves at all different ages don’t feel pressured or insecure because people that you know are developing before you you’ll know when the time is right

Don’t rush anything though I can honestly tell you that when I lost my virginity I regretted it I was 12 and not ready so wait until you are ready I would hate to see you regretting something like losing your virginity

be safe love ~alwaysmy20

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okay, so me and my boyfriend had sex almost a month ago and did it for the 3rd time last night. when we did it the first time I expected it to hurt, which it did. and yes I did bleed. to this day it still hurts and I still bleed… is that normal?

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A ‘cherry’ is NOT located deep inside the vagina-Instead, it’s nothing more than a thin membrane across the opening of the vaginal canal. So it’s pretty much on the outside, not the inside. Not only that, but the hymen is not a solid sheet.

Also, it’s important to understand that hymen’s don’t “pop” or even necessarily break. Usually what occurs is a stretching of the hymen during penetrative activities. Some women do experience some bleeding or burning as the tissue stretches (especially if they have a more stubborn or resilient hymen-or less abused ones which is formally torn/worn down by dildos, masturbation and tampon usage, etc.) Others are born lucky.

but when your bleeding after some sexual activity-maybe, just maybe its because someone never cut their nails, or was too rough, too big-it could be a lot of things. To avoid this, you could use a lot of lubricant, spit, soap, oil, and make sure he/or yourself stretches you out gently prior. One finger, two fingers-spread them a part a bit, thee fingers-you get the picture. Just remember if he is gentle with you, and he/you prepares you before penetration- It minimises the chances of blood and pain. Besides, if you have long stenches of nonsexual activities-you will feel the familiar discomfort anyways.

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Well. When me &+ my boyfriend of 6 months first had sex it was really painful for me. &+ you best believe I bled, it was gross. But getting your “cherry popped” isnt too comfortable, I remember I was sore for like a day or two afterwards. its not the most painful but it can be close, it also can depend on how big his penis is, too.

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woah… I found this site like 3 hours ago and I learnt a lot, like how to give a lap dance, how to tell if im infected and that you dont bleed a lot when you have sex for the first time. and ya I’d say girls start fingering around 12 or older.

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It really hurt me , i didnt realise what had happend til when i went home. I guess some of us are lucky n it doesnt hurt n sum of us are unlucky lyk me lol :] x

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Well I never got my cherry popped but my friend has and she said it hurt a little and only a little blood comes out

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Not everyone will have their “cherry popped.” When I had sex for the first time, I did not bleed at all, even though it did hurt and took a while inching everything in slowly. I don’t think people should worry about it. Some people bleed, others won’t! It’s no big deal!

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im really confused…!!! I havnt bled yet or gotten fingered but im scared that what if I bleed, then blood is all over his hand?!?!! im going to be soo embarassed do guys feel grossed out when they get our blood on them?? what shoudd I do?

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When I had mine poped it was the 1st time I had sex,, It didnt really hurt, that part that did hurt was having my boyfriend not finger me first. Its not embarassing, I bled a LOT and for a good day or so.. But it didnt really hurt . I never fingered my self so I don’t know

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When i had sex for the first time it really hurt and it took me along time to relax enough to enjoy it but we are all diffrent it may not hurt you. I bleed just a little. I never fingerd my self so i have no clue?

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It all depends, if your partner’s size is way bigger than you then it will hurt more, but key point is the more you relax, the less pain you will feel. Important thing is you must be wet and turned on, and let yourself control the penetration at your pace, so you can learn to stretch. Some women have vaginismus(the muscle contract itself, so the vagina is closed, causing penetration to be very painful), its normal about 30% of women have vaginismus when the first time they have sex. It’s not the women’s fault it is the brain’s automatic reaction. You will know whether you have vaginismus or not only when you first try out. Usually this can be overcame by the woman herself try fingering. Start by one finger, then 2, then 3, or you can use other objects.

How much blood varies too. If penetration happened fully, or partly, or whether the hymen/ cheryy torn bit by bit or altogether, or the hymen is just too strong it doesnt tear. It all depends. No specific way, each women and men is different. You just have to be patience, communicate and love each other so you wont feel its a wastefull experience.

Usually (depends) the first 10 times will still hurt, and after that you will realise it will get better and better. Just relax and enjoy and dont compare yourself with others.

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omg you could finger yourself whenever but be gentle and know when to stop like if it hurts. but getting your cherry popped kinda hurts like you pretty much just get your vagina stretched out but it doesnt hurt as much if you have the guy like sitting at the edge of a bed and you ontop of his lap and so your in control and you could stop if it hurts. but you prob will bleed but just a little but but not really during sex unless its for a long time. but after you do it and you pull up your underwear you should check later and there will probubly be some dots of blood in your underwear.

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the first time I had sex it hurt a bit when he was going in but after that as long as he didnt go in to deep it was fine and I didn’t bleed at all!! I had fingured my self a fair bit before I had sex though so I think that helped. also your cherry might already be popped from other things like some sports. sex takes getting used to and you need to find what feels best for you and hurts least, give doggy a go ;) it’s good. also the first time you might need to go ontop so he can get in

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okay, here’s a weird question!, HOW THE HELL DO GIRLS FINGER THEMSELVES?!!!
and I’ve never been fingered and I’ve never had sex! and I don’t even know how to finger myself!! but once it was really burning me down there, and I went to the bathroom to see whats going’ on, and I was bleeding! it kept burning for a couple of hours, then I went to the bathroom again, and it stopped burning me and the blud stopped, what was all this?!!! is it normal? is it my period? 2 weeks after this, I got my period!

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you can bleed from other things aswell. bleeding from your vagina through physical contact doesnt always mean your getting your cherry popped. it can mean you have damaged it through being too rough in intercourse or fourplay. for example. once I had sex and it was pretty rough and I ended up bleeding and not being able to go for a wee afterwards because you have to remeber its a senstive area. if you arent gentle of course it will bleed or get sore. and dont let someone finger you will long finger nails !!! haha

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ok me and by boyfriend have been dating for 2 years and we are still waiting to have sex. but today we kinda experamented but we didn’t go all the way he just was inside me for a second then pulled out. I don’t know is that considered sex??? before this relationship I was dateing a guy who was very pushy and kinda abusive in the way that I said no and he wouldn’t listen and he fingered me and I wasn’t wet…trust me it hurt and I definatly got away from him as fast as I could because he was a jerk. it kinda ruined me in a way but I never have bled and when me and my boyfriend do stuff its great but do you think that my cherry could already be popped…I don’t know I really think I just need someone to help me with all of this…it is really confusing I hope I made since

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I was watching this show on tv and they said that babies masterbuate!! O_O

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Well im a virgine. But I’ve herd that it hurts really bad. but no, you shouldnt be embarresed if you blead everywhere bc you will. like its nothing to be embarresed about bc every girl has to go through that.

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I just got off my about 2 days ago, and my boyfriend and I had sex,well he put it inside me for a min then pulled out. And yes, it hurt but not very bad, just felt like a pressure, and then it turned to pleasure. But I looked at my underwear afterwards to check for blood cause I figured he popped it, but there was none, but when I went to the bathroom and I wiped there was blood, and still is blood, but it doesnt really get on my underwear its just when I wipe. So I cant tell if im still spotting from my period, or if he popped my cherry Any advice?

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Ok so the first time I had sex I was 13 and I was scared because I didnt bleed I thought that I was not normal then I found out that the so called “cherry” is just a peice of skin put there to protect you from any infections I also learned that some girl have a bigger one that hurts worss and bleeds but with me I didnt even have one this is compleatly normal dont worry if you dont bleed its normal. And it hurt a little it was more like a burning sensation not the type of pain I expected. but yeah that is just my advice so yeah. Um I never finger myself that is what I have a boyfriend for lol j/k but it is normal I guess around 11 or 12 I don’t know.

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I just got off my about 2 days ago, and my boyfriend and I had sex,well he put it inside me for a min then pulled out. And yes, it hurt but not very bad, just felt like a pressure, and then it turned to pleasure. But I looked at my underwear afterwards to check for blood cause I figured he popped it, but there was none, but when I went to the bathroom and I wiped there was blood, and still is blood, but it doesnt really get on my underwear its just when I wipe. So I cant tell if im still spotting from my period, or if he popped my cherry Any advice?

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thank you charluvsmike you are great haha. thats the answer i was looking for were 16 so idk if thats 2 early but we know were going to be together for a long time and we have never had a fight or anything so i think its time. but i’m not sure.

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um…hell yea it hurts…but its may seem embarrasing but its really not guys like virgins because they’re tight just do it in your own bed that way you can clean it up…mine was popped on the first time and it hurt so bad…but I loved him and it was worth it

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Hrm..Gettin your Cherry popped doesnt hurt like people says it does..and you dont bleed a lot..Its just little blood spots..And girls start fingering there selfs at atleast age 12 Or a little older..Bit I never tried it=/ not normal lol..

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oooh. finqerinq is AWESOME[note the stars around the word AWESOME] haha;but when I do it its qrrreat b/c I’ve been horseback ridin since I was 6 and when I was just 12 my hymen boke OOOH BUDDDYYY but yeahh didnt really hurt for me; just a sliqht uneasyness occured. but I dont have sex yet SXE wooo hope this helps; haha just wanted to tell MY story thouqh LOVEEE YA PEEPSZ KEEEP IT GANGSTA =]

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like saturday I had sex with this guy that I like and he popped my cherry and it bleed like a little bit. I was so scared

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I am 20 and when my hymen broke, it bled a whole freaking lot. I cried it hurt so bad. I bled so much that I thought I was on an early period, but it was even heavier than a period.

Answer #35

virginity tests in hs??? what? do they bring in a gyno for every girl to see??? thats fkkd up. and theres nothing wrong w fingering yourself… it can actually even help period cramps… (cosmo said so lol)

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when I got my cherry popped it didnt hurt at all like most people think but there is many different ways to and most people dont know when they are popped

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well, I just lost my virginity about a month ago… it hurt like hell. theres a key to it though (you have to do little but slow strokes until its all the way in). thats what I did and it eased some of the pain. its a good kind of pain though, right?


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if it makes you feel better, I fingered myself for the first time yesterday, and I felt like a moron I didn’t know that was normal, so thanks everyone ;) haha!

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it doesnt hurt that bad me and my boyfriend first did two weeks ago and it was okay just talk to him before you do it dont go too rough or its painful start out slow

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Ok Well Im 15 years old & I still havent got my cherry popped & my boyfriend said hes never fingered a girl before so do yu think it would hurt more if we just had sex before me losening up |also does it really hurt that bad when you get your cherry popped|

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sikashimmer, I think you were right, cause I play LOTS OF SPORTS!! and at home I NEVER lay down in the livingroom or sit and watch TV! I’m always helping mom in the kitchen after lunch, and in the morning I make breakfast with her, and if she has to go buy groceries I take care of my little brother! cause if I don’t he’d go crazy and mess up my room!! I just LOVE working!

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It hurt me… I didn’t bleed a lot… I only noticed it when I wiped (gross I know sorry) but it just felt like I ripped my skin a little… I know that a couple days after my first time I had the urge to sit on an ice pack lol

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im a virgin so I dont really know about poppin of da cherry, but technically if you stick something long up there you can feel it. and it is totaly normal for a girl to masturbate! its fun and nothing to be embarrassed about. and to tightegurl, THEY DO NOT CHECK IF YOU ARE A VIRGIN IN SCHOOL! if you go to the gynecologist, they can check otherwise nooo

Answer #44

Ummm. there is no absolute answer to that .First of all… if my cherry popped, and I bled all over, I probably wouldn’t get embarassed. It’s natural and it’s saying that your body is trying to adapt to changes including a guy ripping through your pu$$y… But yeah, we finger ourselves when we’re ready. I personally do not finger myselfand im 15. I don’t feel the need for that. I just sort of massages my clit.

Answer #45

you got your cherry popped.

did you use protection? if not there is probably a high chance of HIV because you don’t know how many people he has slept with before and don’t know if he has it. I would go to the doctor and get it checked.

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I have not had sex yet but I started fingering myself at 13,,,I love to masturbate,,and it is not embarrasing ,,it is a perfectly normal thing for a teenage girl

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omg so I had sex for the first time like 2 weeks ago im 21 and I wanted to wait untill I was in love so I did and omg it hurt soo much then my boyfriend got some gel that supposed to give my vagina a tingeling sensation and it BURNED so bad and I was soo mad at him for that I spent like a couple minutes pouring COLD water on my vagina since it HURT from the GEL. I didnt really like my 1 time its not how I imagined it. I went home and I did noticed like tiny blood but it was like 1 drip so I guess THAT was my cherry or w.e .

Answer #48

it depends on how it gets popped, during sex? masturbation? sports? mine didnt hurt because I had it popped during gymnastics.

Answer #49

im 21 years old I always finger myself and experience new things down there your supposed to its your body everybody needs to know there own body im actually studyin to be a gyno… every girl doesnt always have to bleed, it just comes natural, it all depends on how tight you are aswell. I have been havin sex with my partner for 5 years I did bleed the first time but only specks of blood appeared some girls can bleed really bad some girls dont bleed at all, you just need to relax, it wont hurt as much either if you relax if you tense up then it will hurt but if you relax your body and your stomach muscles you should be ok I didn’t and it hurt and it took me forever to actually get used to relaxing it used to hurt me all the time that I used to stop and my parnter appreciated it god knows why but yea then I learnt to relax and now I love it it takes a while to get used to trust me. hope this helps some of you and remember girls always make sure they wear a condom NO EXCUSES be safe…

Answer #50

My cherry poped before I even had sex… the tampon did the trick. It didn’t hurt at all.

I had sex for the first time when I was 13 years old. I was always mature for my age, so there for attracted and was attracted to older guys. I remember it clearly, one thing led to another, I was horny as F*, as was he. So I told him to go for it. He slowly put it in me, I was of course extreamly tight, but had lots of natural lub to help with that. I never felt so many emotions at once. It was strange, wonderfull, amazing, werid ect.. all at the same time.

I personaly masterbate a lot (more so with clit stimulation, than fingering) I think it’s the BEST way a girl can truly get to know themselves. Noone to this date can ever get me off the way I can to myself! If any ladies can truly find out how to vibe with your parts the right way, then you will give yourself the best gift god had ever created!!

Fingering for example to guys AND girls… start off using your middle finger. for instance if your laying down, insert the middle finger into the vagina with the fingernail side facing downwards towards the butthole. once the finger is inside, bend it upwards and rub the fingertip against the top of the vigania (facing the bellybotten)… you will feel very soft tissue. Keep figuresly move the tip of your finger against that soft tissue, and you will cum like a happily little pup:)

I personally use to get me off also:) I’m very experianced with my own body, I now it inside and out, I know what I like, and want… and what I don’t!

Answer #51

I, personally, got my “cherry popped” 2 years ago and let me tell you form my own experience–It hurt like helll. I still remeber every bit of the pain. My girlfirends had told me that it would hurt for very long but it hurt me almost the whole time. When it was over, there was blood all over my partener’s boxers and my sheets were saturated. I ended up having to wash every blanket on my bed and even flip my mattress. But the second time was better and the pain all but melted away.

Answer #52

If you have questions it’s best to post them as a new question - no one is really going to see your questions in an answer to a question from so long ago!

“It appears that many if not most people are under the impression that the hymen is located within the vagina. It is part of the vulva, external genital organs. It is located outside the vagina. The hymen is a layer of tissue that partially conceals the vaginal orifice of some girls and women. The hymen is also referred to as a girl’s “cherry” or maidenhead.” Learn more:

to anna_13 - A girl fingering herself is simply a girl using her fingers to masturbate. The bleeding you experienced may have been your hymeneal tissues torn or stretched by sports of just general hygiene.

to rl4ever -It’s normal but if it persists for another week then you should see a doctor, you might have an infection.

Answer #53

I can relate to your perspective the most on this matter. There will be discomfort, but it can occur in varying degrees, just like the amount of bleeding. How gentle/rough he is in initial penetration will be factor. And YES the first several occasions of intercourse may/will hurt& unlikely pleasurable.

Answer #54

I can relate to your perspective the most on this matter. There will be discomfort, but it can occur in varying degrees, just like the amount of bleeding. How gentle/rough he is in initial penetration will be factor. And YES the first several occasions of intercourse may/will hurt& unlikely pleasurable.

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