getting fingered

I really want to get fingered. but doesnt it hurt??? and ew it seems kinda gross for the guy.. I mean like once he takes his finger out.. id feel sorry for him.. lol I need guy advice.. what do you think?? do you like it? AND girl.. doesnt it hurt? HELP

Answer #1

it feels amazing mi boo does it sumtymes and I do myself…it’s great. Try it!!!

Answer #2

well for meh I am srry but it hurt like a mofo afterwords even though he was gentle and everything it still very much hurt. I walked like a retard afterwords lol

Answer #3

well I have done this before and you have to make sure the guy goes slow with it. not only for you to get wet, which makes it easier, but so it’s more pleasurable. if the guy were to rush into things it could hurt you. communication is fun but also key in this area. if you don’t like talking about it because it could be uncomfortable then don’t do it at all really. but of course you won’t know from people just talking about it…experience is good, whether it’s bad or good experiences…it helps…good luck!

Answer #4

if you want to get fingured, take a shower first so its all cleaned out so the guy wont have to suffer =) also, if its your first time it probably will hurt at first but after a while it will feel nice.

Answer #5

its not awkward, kiss the guy and let him know if your enjoying it. what they do after is up to them, sometimes they want you to lick their fingers but if you dont want to its okay. my ex once picked his guitar up and played me a song straight after lol :)

Answer #6

It doesn’t hurt. Unless he has sharp fingernails. And unless you are not lubricated(either by your own lube or by artificial) Bring out the nail file and make him file em! Also make sure he washes his hands before. Have a towel handy.

Answer #7

it feels amazing, I thiink, I thought it was kinda weird at first. you might think so too, but you will get used to it. My boyfriend loves doing it. he is always like, ‘can I play with you P*ssy(:’ Baha.

Answer #8

it doesn’t hurt and if the guy gets the right balance of pressure and movement it’ll send you into orbit I don’t exagerate

Answer #9

it’s boring , well only if you’re not a virgin because sex is waay more ‘interesting’ . but I got fingered before I lost my virginity , &it didn’t hurt :) &I defff didn’t bleed .

Answer #10

If he’s doing it right, he should have been doing some prep work, but if he hasn’t, then you need to get him to rub your clit, slowly, and gently, in a circular motion. Not to hard at first, he can’t feel it, you can, and it can get a little intense if your not used to it. Then when he gets you wet, ask him to put one finger inside you, slowly at first till your open a little, then add another finger or two, then start moving them in and out slowly at first, then faster as it begins to feel good. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you want, guys need instructions, and it’s not his body, it’s yours. Remember, he can’t feel what your feeling, he can only go by your facial expressions, and the sounds you make. So as it begins to get you going, give it some, “OH!!!OH!!!yes, like that, oh that feels so good. You do that so good, yes, more OH!!!OH!!!. He’ll love that, guys like to know there doing it right. Trust me, guys have been doing it to me for a while now, and I know what works, and BOY how it works.

Answer #11

na for a guy its ok because like it can make a girl moan and scream (if done right) and it might hurt a bit but it goes after like 10 seconds

Answer #12

no it doesnt hurt well im a virgin and it does sting the first time but then its all good and very pleasurable!

Answer #13

its awesome and dosent hurt if he dosent go too hard

Answer #14

alright Im a girl who accidently put myself as a male haha. I messed up. But Im thirteen and was fingered by my boyfriend, and I moaned haha, it wasnt ackward though. we were kissing during the process and we were laying down on the couch. (: but he started getting carried away and rough. and then it started to hurt a little. so I told him to stop and he did..

  • I went to the bathroom after he left and I had bleed a lot. but im fine because I loved it and I think I might be ready for sex now.
Answer #15

no, it doesn’t hurt. (: as long as his nails aren’t sharp.. lol. (:

Answer #16

oh pleaseee. don’t listen to them! it doesn’t hurt unless you’re stressing about it. my boyfriend and I did it for the first time a few weeks ago and I was so nervous for it and wouldn’t let him do it for the first few times he tried. but once I let him do it I realized it really wasn’t scary at all. I’ve only done it standing up so I can’t say anything about lying down or sitting but it feels really good. just make sure he takes it slow if its your first time. and I don’t do it to myself, I think it feels better if you don’t do it all the time and someone special does it

have fun girl!!!

Answer #17

to find out if it hurts, do it yourself. you’ll found out it feels really nice.. its not bad after he pulls his finger off. some guys lick their fingers, some wash their hands, or just wipe them on something. it’ll hurt if its your first time.. but just do it yourself a few times to get used to it.

Answer #18

I’m not sure what my boyfriend did to his fingers afterwards, but it felt really good and it didnt hurt at all. Make sure that you are comfortabe with what he’s doing, and don’t be afraid to tell him to stop. Hopefully he’ll respect you enough. While he’s doing it you could return the favour, or kiss him, whatever you’re comfortable with. Hope this helps If you want more help funmail me

Answer #19

yeah she is right and if your having your boyfriend over just shower well before he comes and it wont stink. trust me he will like it and have fun dont be afraid to ask for him to do something like finger you it may seem awkward but if you cute about it its a turn on

Answer #20

Well, my experience was…not so great. My (now ex) boyfriend: Didn’t wait til I was wet Wasn’t gentle

So it hurt…a lot. Just get in the mood and it feels great. Try it on yourself first.

Answer #21

I wouldn’t know ! lol I’ve never been fingered tooo scared I don’t know why!

Answer #22

no. doesnt hurt at all. its fuuun.but dont try to finger urself. its gross! eww. lol

Answer #23

It hurts if the boy isnt gentle and doesnt wait for you to get lubricated. Do it yourself first! Then you have more information to judge if the boy really knows what he’s doing! Most of them dont have any idea.

Answer #24

I’m a chick who has been you know because I dont think guys can answer the question “does it hurt” cause they have penises :) … what you call it (this is really a grss topic here) and it doesnt really hurt if the guy is gentle. If you are a virgin it might sting a little (hymen breaking) but if he is gentle and his nails are short.. then no… its actually good.

Answer #25

oh my goodness after reading some of these.. I promise you if he is gentle it won’t hurt and you’ll enjoy it.. I’ve never ever heard of someone bleeding unless the guys was a jerk and went fuller, fingers are nothing compared to a penis. While he’s doing it you can make out or jerk him off… they like it.. and dont worry about them not liking it.. any straight guy will be all for your womanly parts :) xo

Answer #26

it doesn’t hurt at all. and you don’t bleed. well I didn’t bleed and it didn’t hurt me. if your worried don’t go through with it, or wait a few more weeks.

fingering is actually a nice feeling for both the girl and boy and if boys thought it was gross they woulnd’t do it, would they?

just trust him and what people are saying on her, I’m a girl and its a really nice feeling.

Answer #27

well make sure his nails are short.because I was once was and I had discharge like crazy and but if the nails are short it’s a amazing feeling. the best part is it’s not haveing sex so no penis inside of you which means no pregent so it’s kinda works out perfect :)

Answer #28

I got fingered a lot by my boyfriend, the first time hurt a little but I didn’t care because the pleasure outweighed the pain. he did it twice more that day, the second time was better but the third, he either caught his finger on the outside a little or I was too dry but I told him to stop and he did. after that, he fingered me more, one time I was standing in front of him and he was behind me, he just moved it around to the front of me and stuck it in, it felt really good, I got weak in the knees for it.

just tell your guy what to do (ie. faster, slower, just like that, omg! right there, oh (name)!) he’ll know what you mean.

I actually bled when he did most of the time. I didnt really notice until this one time when he went too hard and with too many fingers and was like.. umm… your bleeding.. and he had blood on his fingers, but I didnt care, it felt too good.

I’ve fingered myself before, you have to crunch yourself down to fully get in there. just do it in the shower to yourself if your worried about making yourself cum or bleed or anything, it all goes down the drain.

CLEAN YOUR VAGINA!!! and if you sweat especially, dont let him at it, it will smell! all of the sweat and stuff naturally pools in that area.

and when he is fingering you, have him eat you out and lick your clitoris it feels nice and tickles a bit too but it feels nice and cool and wet, just altogether a good feeling.

you can leave your pants on too when he fingers you. dont even have to pull them down incase your worried about somebody walking in, just get under a blanket.

Answer #29

well to answer your question no it aint gross for the guy it a huge turn on lol I do it to my girlfriend like everytime I see her and see jerks me off while your at it you should try oral as well but my girlfriend loves it so I doubt it hurts but as people have said she makes sure I have shoort fingernails lol. hope I helped x

Answer #30

it only hurts a little if he doesnt make you wet first. he has to move his fingers around your clit first and make you wet, then when he fingers you.. it feels great :)

Answer #31

omg I wont to finger my self so much but am really really scared :’(. I feel a bit horny but whant to do it quick because all my mates have done it and I wont to, not just because there have, DOES IT HERT ? please tell me.

Answer #32

hey im a guy..and its not gross..its actually very nice..u should let him eat you while hes at it…

Answer #33

I got fingered but its really gud, just tell him if it hurts at al or any thng, it cud have sumthn to do with the way hes doin it, you gta b gntl, bt otha thn that its al g!! guys luv any thng to do with our p*ssys!!!

Answer #34

for me, I was laying on top of my boyfriend making out with him, and things started getting heated. he went down my pants with me still on top of him, and at first it stung a little bit, but after that it was just amazing. we made out a bit while doing it, but not much. it’s something I never really planned on letting a guy do, because I thought I would be either really painful or really awkward, but it just happened, and I’m glad I let it happen. I can’t wait to see him and do it again!

Answer #35

First, lay on your back, I think it feels better that way, but you have to see what feels best for you. Make sure his nails are trimmed, and his hands are clean. Then spread your legs, and raise your knees a little. Show him what you want him to do by starting out yourself. First,rub your clit very gently, in a circular motion until it starts to get wet, and juicy, then tell him to put 1 finger , palm up, into you, and as his finger goes inside, have him bend his finger up towards the front of your vagina onto your “G” spot. If he’s in the right spot, you’ll know it almost at once. Then ask him to rub in a circular pattern, gradually going faster. While he’s doing that, you can continue to rub your clit, or have him do it. You’ll want him to add fingers as you get hotter. Some girls can take more fingers than other girls can. If this doesn’t make you come, you’re doing something wrong. It has me climbing the wall while the fire works are going off. This is probably off the chart, but if you can get a nipple into his mouth at the same time,WOW JACKPOT!!!

Answer #36

okay. a lot of people answering these questions havent had that much experience or do not know very much about the human body. so I want to help. I am married, so I will do my best to help.

if you have never been fingered before, you may be nervous, which makes your whole body tense, and that does not make for pleasurable reactions. you need to be relaxed until youve done this a few times. preferably laying down. if he/she has never fingered a girl before then he/she should know to start of slow and not with too many fingers. start with one and then work to two. I wouldnt move onto three until way later on.

also. MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN. bad hygiene can lead to bacterial infections such as a urinary tract infection, or dryness and itching.

girls. you dont not have to do anything special while getting this done. you dont have to moan or touch yourself. just relax and your body will respond naturally. HERE is a good rule to follow. NEVER fake anything. if it doesnt feel good. tell him. what is the point of doing this if it doesnt feel good to you. if you dont feel ready then tell him. if he’s a real man. he will either try to fix the problem or he will understand that you want to wait.

also. it is possible that you will bleed because of the hymen breaking, but most likely, if you have ever used a tampon, then you have already broken your hymen and didnt even know it. it shouldnt hurt too bad if it does happen, it may just sting for a moment. but. you also might not even feel it. it is okay if there is some blood. its natural. but it is not natural to bleed a lot. make sure he/she has short, clean nails. and make sure they arent too rough at first. this could make you tense up and have something go wrong.

now moving on to you being wet. usually, when you are turned on, you become wet. some more than others. and some people just dont produce that much natural lubricant. a myth is said the more wet you are then more you are turned on. thats not true. your body just makes lubrication based on your genetic makeup. some girls have to use lube to make this pleasurable. and thats okay too.

another thing. you can not get pregnant from fingering. the only possible way for a girl to get pregnant is for semen to come in contact with an egg. therefore penetration of the penis is necessary. even if your guy pulls out, there are still chances you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluids. so the only sure way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. condoms and birth control are even faulty. I know people who were on birth control and used a condom and still got pregnant.

also. the way you smell. if you wash yourself regularly and correctly then you should not smell. but, if you do wash yourself regularly and you still smell, then I would check with your doctor because you may have a vaginal infection. this is usually accompanied by a greenish/yellow smelly thick-ish discharge. sometimes even itching. girls if you itch or smell down under, then you should not allow other guys to touch you until you have spoken with a doctor. you do not want to introduce new bacteria to an already ad situation.

but note. everyone has their own smell and taste and everyone gives off their own pheromones. to one person you may taste or smell like fish to another you may taste and smell like roses. it generally depends. but if you seriously smell like fish, like rotting fish, not sea breeze fish, then go to the doctor.

it may sound like there are a lot of rules for this, but really there isnt.

  1. be clean.
  2. be manicured.
  3. be gentle at first.
  4. be open.
  5. be natural.

and if you have any worries or doubts about how you smell or feel down there. then talk to your doctor. you could be preventing a serious problem.

also. always remember that you can say no and that you dont have to do anything you dont want to do. it feels pleasurable. but you dont have to experience it until YOU are ready. and if the guy or girl you are with says “but baby, dont you love me? or I just want to try it, just once, or if you dont then im breaking up with you” then you must realize that they are just using you. if they truly love you. they will wait until you are completely ready. the human body is a beautiful gift. dont just give it away to someone undeserving. its yours to cherish. treat it with respect.

also. if you have been in a situation where you did not consent to sexual relations. tell someone. its not your fault. you can call this hotline 24/7. its free and its confidential. 1-800-656-HOPE or 1-800-656-4673. there are people who can help.

Answer #37

No way it doesn’t hurt its relaxing and feels great I am a virgin and it doesn’t hurt at all if you shave and wash yourself everyday it doesn’t smell and if it still does use a douche guys love it if there normal my boyfriend doesn’t think its gross he loves doing it he always bugs me to do it no you don’t bleed

Answer #38

lol last time I got fingered, we were under coats and such in the back of someone elses car, and I was layin on his lap. we were making out and stuff too. it was awesome…<3 it doesnt hurt and afterwards he used hand sanitizer lmao. it was good you should try it. =]]

Answer #39

it doesnt hurt. my boyfriend fingers me all the time & it feels nothing but good. laying down, standing up, sitting w.e it feels good. but you should try it yourself to see if you like it, and then if you like it, go for it.

Answer #40

It CAN hurt when you’re getting fingered, especially if his nail are long and if you’re a virgin because of the hymen breaking. but if you are relaxed it feels really nice. If you are not ready then dont do it because you will be tense and it will hurt because he may have to force. But if hes gentle it should be fine darling. but you should definately make sure you are ready first. And guys do like it because my fiancee loves doing it to me. x x x x

Answer #41

I have a question when I do it it hurts any help

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