Getting drunk without throwing up?

So here is the thing.
I want to get wasted/shitt-faced/plastered.
But I dont want to throw up.
So what is the secret of getting drunk and not throwing up?

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you will not get drunk off one beer a hour drink 2 stella a hour that should get you drunk in about 3 hours

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there is really so secret on Not throwing up, sometimes its bound to happen, the only way to be sure you wont is to not drink, back in my drinking days(dont really drink anymore) I had nights where I could barely walk I was so drunk and never got sick, and I had nights where one or two drinks made me sick, its more about not mixing different drinks, (stick to one thing) have a full stomach helps, and know your limits, drink a glass of h2o between drinks, stay hydrated and the hangover will hurt less too :)

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Start slow and build up, getting to 'know your limits' is really only something you can do, because everyone processes alcohol differently. Whatever you do just stay away from hard liquor, that stuff is a one-way ticket to throw up land. Beer is best for beginners, just start slow! Say one every hour to begin with.

Oh yeah drinking on a moderately full stomach is a MUST! Empty stomach drinking REALLY REALLY sucks!! Your hangover will be 20 times worse and you'll be way more likely to hurl.

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First off, getting drunk isn't "bad", it's a personal decision. Some people enjoy it and others don't, however, simply because a particular person doesn't like it, doesn't make it bad.

If you don't want to throw up, make sure you have a solid stomach of food going out. Things that absorb are great; pastas (not too much sauce), breds, sandwiches, pizza, etc are all staples of a good stomach coating.

You are NOT likely to throw up if you get wasted. If you're mixing liquor and beer constantly you have a better chance, but throwing up is not the body just "getting rid of alcohol", if you're throwing up, you've ingested too much and are on your way to alcohol poisoning.

Be smart, start with beer or mike's hard something for a beginner and you'll see if you'd like to move on to hard liquor in the future. Just know your limits!

suddenly sick after eating crawfish,what could it be.

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Getting drunk isnt good... I hate it. I really dont understand what the appeal is about drinking so much alcohol.
alcohol in general doesnt taste very nice and I dont like the effects
Im a teenager, all my friends go out and get drunk. Im always the sober one. I've been drunk once. Never again.
But like someone already said, full stomach. Take drinking slow and dont mix wine and beer.
Have fun I guess

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well, it depends upon the person you know... there are persons who still able to control their actions even drunk... like me, I just keep silent or I dont know, I dont usually throw up.. lol

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Getting so drunk you won't have a chance to even be in control. Not even of bodily functions. Most people who get this waisted make fools of themselves by peeing on themselves or slobbering! Yuck.

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Is it even possible to get completely smashed without throwing up??

if you really don't want to be sick, just get really tipsy, or just a lil bit drunk!

bt tbh I don't drink very much,,,


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anytime you get wasted, you are really likely to throw up just because itz the way your body gets rid of some alcohol in your system, just try not to be the guy in the party that almost drowned in the toilet! lol

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Drink Coffee...
But true I drink coffee after and before I get wasted and I dont throw up..

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It's different for eveyone ,, sorry but you'll have to just drink and see what happens . . Then you'll know the second time x

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