How to get my braces off sooner?

Are there any tips to getting your braces off sooner? I really want to get mine off soon, so is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Answer #1

NONE…all in good time. Then you’ll have slimy teeth for a while, well it’ll feel like that

Answer #2

broadwaystar101, The bad part about this is, I don’t think there is a way to get them off early. Which does suck because I know they are super anoying sometimes. The good part is that the wait is well worth while. Once they are off you will probley have a perfect smile forever, that was worth waiting for. Its better then getting them off early and your teeth going back to the way they origionally were. Thats why braces have to be left on so long, because if not the teeth will force themselves back. It is a long process, but be patient and you’ll be happy you waited. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #3

there really isnt unless you have your dintist tighton then like more often but it will hurt more probly

Answer #4

I just got my braces on like a month ago and my dentist didnt tell me when I supossed to get them off. and instead of going every month its like I go every month in a half but my teeth were never really messed up when I got them. before braces I had good teeth but the dentist said I needed them so yea! but since my teeth werent jacked up I don’t need a power chain or rubber bands.ARENT I LUCKY AND MAYB ILL GET THEM OFF SOONER TOO!!! HAHA!!

Answer #5

I have braces and I had them on for about a year and a half and they told me that I will get them off in the summer because supposibly I only have to havee it for about two years hopefully I get them off in time to go to new york in time =0 but like how long do you guys had to wear rubber bands for?

Answer #6

this sucks I cant stand myy braces at all I got them on today and I hate them I want to cry and what if I dont like the results!!

Answer #7

^ Hi im lucy id actually wrong.

  1. Thinking about my teeth afterwards makes me almost cry because I don’t wear my rubber bands often.
  2. I don’t feel like ripping them off because after I get two teeth ripped out.
  3. You don’t just wait. You wear your rubber bands every second of the day. Switch them every two hours. Glue them to your hand so you don’t forget. Brush your teeth with as much toothpaste as possible. Rinse out your mouth with mouthwash and let it sit in your mouth for 3 minutes. After just swish around water until no toothpaste is left.
  4. Broken bracket? Congrats you’ve added three months to your braces.
  5. Getting a power chain will hurt.
  6. Be sure to not only floss 4 times a day, take something you can use to scrape any remaining food particles.
  7. Got them ripped off? I know how you feel. Don’t worry, you can whiten them soon…
Answer #8

Oh I know how you feel! I hate my braces; they are so vain. It’s basically getting your teeth caged in pain for false beauty. how horrible! I don’t follow any of the rules. I was supposed to get mine off 2 months ago but I still have to wear them. I never asked why because the topic depresses me too much. Just try to forget about them because then the time passes faster.

Answer #9

sadly there really isn’t much you can do, except to be sure you wear your rubber bands and headgear (if you have any) as much as you can! and be careful to not break any brackets. when I had braces, I was supposed to only have them on for 1 year, but because I never wore my headgear at night, and hardly wore my rubber bands during the day, I ended up having to have braces for over THREE years. oh, and to top it off, once I got the braces off, I hardly wore my retainers, so now basically my whole bottom row of teeth are back to being crooked :’[

Answer #10

actually there is a way to get your braces sonner and that is by following the rules your ortho tell you to follow and use the rubber bands…I have had my braces for about 5months and I have seen an anormous change in my teeth and you know wanna know y? okay I will tell you ..that is because I ate what I was soppost too and brushed my teeth evertime I got the chance and I have a feeling I wouldn’t have to keep my braces on for long so yeah just do what you’re soppost too and u’ll be happy TRUST ME !

Answer #11

actually, abercrombiechick21 is wrong. im supposed to get mine off in a month or so, and a broke a bracket the other day. my orthodontist just took it off and left it. plus, I’ve had chains for the past 3 appointments, just to keep my teeth together tight for the last bit of the braces process. they hurt a little the first time, but then they dont. there just there to hold everything together tight. I never had to have rubber bands, and all I did was brush my teeth twice a day.

Answer #12

hmmm well I had braces…got them off finally last May…haha right in time for prom! yay!!! but…I dunno it just depends…see this was my problem…I had to like shift my teeth a certain way so I was forced to wear rubber bands…if you havnt had to use them consider yourself lucky- because they are a pain in the ashhh and…uhg well I couldve had my braces off last november…of…uhh 2006…I think but…didnt wear them stupid ashhh bands…so all I can say is if your having to use them…make SURE YOU USE THEM unless you want to have your braces on longer…if not…I dont know what else to tell ya…just be sure and brush so you dont have little spots everywhere when you get them off…and be sure to use your retainer unless you want gaps… ^_^ have fun!

Answer #13

Do what you’re supposed to. I’m getting mine off in a month. and I know saying “do what you’re supposed to” sounds really cliche, but it’s true. If you break a bracket, then just have your orthodontist fix it. Also, discuss your options with the orthodontist. Invisalign is an option these days and believe me, it is comfortable! So, tell your orthodontist your concerns and perhaps he/she will work with you. After all, YOU are the patient, so if YOU do not like any of the results, then YOU need to tell him/her. :-)

Answer #14

I know for sure that if you brush your teeth more they wil shift sooner so thats what my orthodontst said so just brush your teeth a lot and they will move faster… I think.. but im pretty sure! :)

Answer #15

I’ve had braces for 3 years. last summer I had an extraction and hey removed 4 teeth the gaps arent closeing. I go almst everyday. my dentist is slow I tell him what to do. 2 of the brackets keep falling I went bakk liek 70 times and had to wait hours im tired of that so I told him donot put the braquet bakk until my teeth move. now I have one tooth in the middle and it looks so ugly that has made me anti-social and depressed.

Answer #16

I’m getting my braces off on Wednesday, a year sooner then I was supposed to, by simply telling my mom I want them off. So yes, you can get your braces off sooner by asking and being ready for whatever the results are. I’m not getting a retainer since I didn’t go through the whole process I was planned out to, but the ortho can’t tell you how your teeth are going to be and there’s no crystal ball to tell you your teeth will go back or stay the way they are. Good luck..

Answer #17

WEAR YOUR RUBBER BANDS, ESPECIALLY at night. They’re annoying but it’s so much worse if you don’t in the long run. I was supposed to get my braces off a year ago, and I still have like 6 months left now. You can also try doubling up on rubber bands. My friend always did this and got hers off early even though she had a giant overbite when she first got her braces.

Answer #18

you can’t get your braces off sooner. All you can do is wait until your teeth are ready and straight. It’ll be worth the wait! Just think about your teeth after you have them off. That’ll keep you going! It does for me. I get so upset about mine, & feel like ripping them off. Just enjoy them while you have them! xx

Answer #19

there’s really nothing you can do. I wear three rubber bands on each side for a total of six. they pulled for the first few days but it wasn’t too major. some tylenol or IB profen will take care of it. I would’ve had mine on for three years and now I’m almost to five because I didn’t wear my rubber bands when he told me too.

so you may not be able to get them off sooner, but you can prevent having to wear them longer than necessary. And that’s by simply following the rules your orthodontist lays out.

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