Getting back to Soccer

hiii =] I play soccer (Goalie) and I suffered a a concussion about 2-3 months ago. So, After basically forcing my doctor to say I could play and taking me off the pain medication…I finally get back to GK practice. and I SUCK. like I’ll admit I wasn’t totally horrible..but I was insanely out of shape. like I was panting after warmup.EW and I honestly played like s**t.. and it was sooo obviious too. so …is there anyone that knows how to bounce backk…I know I need to get touches on the ball…but is there any faster way to get back?

plus for all you goalies that can help— –my reaction speed is slow –my attacking step is way too far in front and I’m diving backwards –and when I do dive correctly..I’m parrying the ball…not catching it…I think its because I’m moving too slow and don’t have times to get my arms up in timee…but what do you thinkk?? –and just soo you guys knoww…the reason I’m soo confused is because I don’t usually have trouble with my formationnn…so I don’t really get why it would give me trouble now..

Answer #1

A litle more practice want hurt you needs to get used to it again because I mean after some months of not playing you can loose that special thing you had I know because that hapend to me well anywhoo good luck

Answer #2

the medication it sounds like has screwed up your timing. I think it will just take a few practices to get your reaction time back. don’t freak out yet…it was only one practice!

a concussion is a head injury. anything like that would mess up your motor skills and timing. don’t worry, it’ll come. maybe you should get together with a buddy and practice a little on the side.

good luck! (ps, I’m a goalie/sweeper too! rock on!)

Answer #3

Well, maybe talk to your coach to get a little extra time to practice. Or, like sillygirl006 said, you can practice with some friends, or maybe a family member.

Answer #4

Hmmm… I don’t know I dont play soccer but good luck!!!:)

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