Getting a book published? Is it possible?

Ok, I am 15, from an extremely small town. I have been writing stories since I was about five and I love it. I really within the last few months have gotten into my silly head that I want to have the book I have been writing on published. I have five chapters written so far, they are 4000-6000 words each. I really like the way the story is going and already have an outline of the whole ‘book’, as I am calling it.

1.Is it even possible for me to submit it to a publisher to have them look at it at my age?

I don’t want to embarrass myself… Here is a little Snippet from the first chapter, just to give anybody who is nice enough to respond something to go with.

  I forced myself to stand up and walk to the kitchen. My two sisters were already happily hogging down their lunch. My family often fixed breakfast foods at other times of the day. Today it was bacon, eggs, and French fries, or freedom fries as they were now called by many restaurants. I took the seat beside Maria, or, at least I think it was Maria, they are hard to tell apart as twins. 

Maria glanced across the table at Aurora, who was piling all of the bacon onto her plate. “Whoa! I bet you can’t eat all that in a million years.” she said, her eyes wide. “Can too.” replied Aurora simply, as if just by her saying so that was that. It now was a sure thing that I was indeed sitting beside Maria.

My littlest sister April started jabbering nonsense to nobody in particular. She tended to do that when things were getting interesting, even if her three year old mind didn’t know it.
“Not if I can help it.” I replied grabbing three of the most well done pieces of bacon off of her plate. Aurora was as skinny as a toothpick, yet if you had to guess her weight by the amount she ate, you would be off by a couple hundred pounds. My father used to swear she ate more than a horse and was twice as fast.
“Hey!” she said snarling at me. “That was mine.”
“Aurora, you eat more than I do, I doubt that three pieces of bacon are going to hurt much.” I said as Maria giggled. My sisters were a lot like each other, but they were distinctly different in some ways. Aurora was horribly tomboyish, and Maria was a very girly girl. 
My mother walked over the table with the rest of the bacon. “Here girls,” she said setting the plate down. “I don’t think we have to fight over bacon now.” Both of my sisters burst into laughter, Maria's little giggle, and Aurora's loud obnoxious laugh. It would not have been as funny if my mother wasn’t being serious. 
A smile spread across my face. “Don’t worry Mom. I doubt that the cause of world war three will be a fourteen year old and an twelve year old fighting over three pieces of burnt bacon.” I replied. She was used to my sarcasm, it was who I was.
“Oh hush.” she said walking back over to the fridge to get a glass of milk. “By the way, that bacon isn’t burnt.” she added, causing my sisters to laugh even harder, even April was laughing, something she rarely does. The twins always laugh at everything though, especially things I say. 

(I can post more of the example if needed.)

  1. Am I even good enough at this, or even semi-good enough at this to attempt it without embarrassing myself horribly?
Answer #1

I don’t know how to get your book publised, but I just wanted to say I like your book. I’d read it :)

Answer #2

Yaya! lol.

Answer #3

Once you’re closer to finishing (or have finished) with writing and “self editing” try reading here:

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