Get them what???

help!!! what can I gve my parents for christmas and what about my 2 brothers, they are 23 and 20??? and they are all so picky!

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I don't know if the last part of my answer made sense 2 u, but when I viewed your question the picture I saw was pretty out there. Did you post a weird pic ?

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-Gift Certificate for a a resturant they like
-Spa Day
-Scrapbook of your family memories
-Take a picture of you and your siblings and have it blown up and framed

-Concert Tickets

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I got my dad a magic 8 ball and heees 30, but he likes that type of novelty, you cood get them cds,dvds, clothes etc, things you know they want, or you could ask them wot they want, thats wot I did

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yeah, parents love pictures. last year my twin sister and I blew up one of our baby pictures and everyone loved it. for the guys, giftcards and videogames. just don't blow up the picture you have posted! lol! you've got guts!

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There are some great savings coming up the shopping day after Thanksgiving referred to as 'Black Friday' - giving you some great ideas - here's some great deals:

Take care !!

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