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Hey :D I would add subcategories to the basic titles( music, lifestyles etc.) I think if everything is grouped it will be easier for others to find answers to their questions and also they wouldn’t have to ask the same question that someone else has, other than if they didn’t get the issue solved for whatever they might be asking.

That’s guys are doing a good job here :D

Xo Brandy*

Answer #1

Ah…that’s actually a good point.

For subcategories: we have that, today.

What? Yep, we do…it’s just “clunky” and not nearly as discoverable as it should be…example:

  1. You like plants
  2. Search “plants” in the upper right box…
  3. click the “plants” interest link, which brings you here:

Viola! Then if you add it to your interests, you’ll have a link from your profile to that page, where you can see it’s in the home and garden category, and you can see, sorted by when it was asked, all the latest questions about plants.


And yes, we need to improve our left hand nav to expose, better, the subcategories we have today.

Regarding the “notify me when a question I replied to was removed”…we can certainly upgrade our notification system to do so. Just give us about a month, give or take a week or two, and I think we can do that, it’d definitely help make sure that people understand what things disappear, etc.

Answer #2

I’m in favor of more accountability from the advisors…eg when a question is removed for whatever reason… it would be a good gesture to explain to those that posted why the question was removed and why their responses… lengthy or trifling… went the same way.

Perhaps the logistics are too complicated… Having had numerous posts removed as many have… it is a little aggravating… especially when a fair amount of time was taken in answering. Those that answer the questions that clearly violate the terms of usage…[the blatant ones… it is harder to determine some of the term of usage violations]… figure out soon enough that their posts are momentary… it is understandable why these are erased.

Maybe it is asking too much… I would never expect an answer to an erased question to remain… but only to have some way of finding out why a question that was answered by myself is gone.

Answer #3

Ok… great!

I think that will help me out.


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