Gaming for old school guys

What’s kind of games can a older guy like myself play? The last important thing I played was Quake 2, since then everything else has just been too much.

Some of my challenges?

  • not enough time
  • don’t have a PC (use Macs)

I’m willing to buy a console at some point. Any recommendations?

Answer #1

If you get a ps2, they’re cheap and have a good library of games. Try “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” as it’s a really good game, and it also has 2 sequels that are good (the second in the series i haven’t played yet, but the final one is good). Also, the Sly series is a good one, and Ratchet & Clank is fun. Also, “Katamari Damacy” and its sequel “We Love Katamari” are both good games, and - wonder of wonders - no violence. None of these games require a huge time commitment, as there are frequent save points.

On the playstation games that have internet capability, you get it for free, not paying for it as with xbox live.

So, if you buy a new ps2 for $100 or used for cheaper, then you have access to a huge library of games - all of the ps1 games as well as ps2. Many of these games, also, will be used, especially when the ps3 games really start coming out and/or it goes down in price. Check out your nearest EBGames store or (i think that’s right…) for really cheap used games for any console, including PC.

I don’t know about the xbox, though, as i don’t have one.

The Wii actually looks reasonably good, they have a few good games out and you can download the really old n64, SNES and NES games. Of course, it’s also relatively cheap.

Answer #2

xbox 360, expensive yes, but well worth it…….. PS3 is an over priced piece of junk, can’t believe i’m advocating Microsoft but honestly overall xbox 360 is a master of a console, and with rumors of gaming updates through xbox Live that even makes it worth considering

good games, unreal tournament is coming out on that i believe, halo is another one which is just a juiced up version of quake, Medal of honor is a great series of games, battlefield 1942 is a good one, quake is on there i believe also(not sure but i think i played it on my friend’s console), other than that sports games are unbelievably realistic on there, plus with Xbox Live subscription (which runs i think $100 per 6 months or so) you can play online with or against ppl, which is very fun in its own way……..

hope this helps

Answer #3

I’m an old school gamer, I’ve got a dreamcast, n64, and back, so I’m fine with those, you can get games for 5-10 dollars, and all the classics, but whatever your into dude.

Answer #4

I just recently got into gaming after being absent from the gaming world for a long time until I met these guys. My favorite is True Combat Elite.

Answer #5

Just get a Wii and get games off the Virtual Console. It’s amazing. NES + SNES + Genesis + TG16 + N64 + Neo Geo = amazing. And you can play GameCube games on the Wii. And don’t forget Wii games.

Answer #6

Try Safecracker. Good exercize for lder brains.

Answer #7

Thanks for the recommendations!

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