Games for 7 year olds

Anybody know of a good game system for a 7 year old? He’s never really played any before and I need something for starting out. Also something that’s not very expensive since I’m not sure if he will even like it.

Thanks for your help

Answer #1

spyro is a great game to start with I played it when I was about 4 and it started my gaming life, however the second game I played was resident evil and it was sooo scary then so don’t give him a game with to much killing

Answer #2

try going to this website! htt:// its a good game! I even play it!

Answer #3

I have loads of nieces and nephews. One of my nephew’s first consoles was the Playstation 1, although I don’t know if you can get them new anymore, just second-hand. If not, a Playstation 2 would work well. My nephew Cody is 9 and he’s had his one since he was 6. It plays most DVDs too, and you can get loads of kids games on PS2, whether it’s Rugrats, Buzz Junior (great for more than 1 player), Dog’s Life or Spyro. The best thing about it is that if you get the PS2, you can play PS1 games on it too (as long as they are genuine copies). I hope I’ve been of some help.

Answer #4

My daughter is 8, we started her out with V-Smile, then I still had my super nintendo so we allowed her to play that… Now she has Nintendo DS and Wii and loves them both. My husband and I love the Wii as it also keeps the kids active

Answer #5

ps3 lol

naa it wont work .. hehe did you ever play monopolis ?? its quiet fun and also makes you think…

erm what else is out thre ??

oh try to see what sort of games would he like… have you got any relative or friend thats got a console ask him to show him some games and after you will see what he is intreasted in…

Answer #6

Crash Bandicoot is fun! The older games are very cheap I think, and there is many different games.

Another game is burnout. Its a car racing game , and there are different types. I have take down and you have to take down cars and make them crash and you get points. blah blah.

These games are both ps2 and you will find them on wii and xbox I think.

Hope I helped. x

Answer #7

I agree, the Wii. And maybe try Rock band or Guitar Hero. A 7 year old I babysit plays those and LOVES them!

Answer #8

Nintendo Wii…they have some good games out now for younger audience

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