Why are "gamers" generally looked down upon?

This is something that has been bugging me for awhile. I’m not your stereotypical gamer(the one who stays home instead of going out, socially awkward, and nerdy), but barely any gamers(that I know) are. I mean I love video games and they might become a source of income for me; I’m becoming a gameplay commentator and Youtube will give you money for views if you get enough likes, view, etc. I know it’s a long shot but it’s worth a try.

Back on topic, why is it that if someone plays video games instead of watching T.V. he is considered a loser? Why is it that if I play games instead of doing something else it makes me less of a person than you? Can someone please explain this to me?

P.S. The reason I’m asking is because a fiend I just met in college IS the “stereotypical” gamer and he gets made fun of all the time. Also, recently most Fridays/Saturdays I come home after being out with friends and I’ll hop on my ps3 with some buddies and play till about 4 or 5 A.M. and one night my mom told me she didn’t want me playing with “those losers who have no jobs and no future.” These are friends that I’ve known basically since birth, and some friends that I have made through them. So combine what she said with what has been happening to my friend(and about a million other gamers) I just needed to get that out there.

I know “ranting” isn’t really allowed but please view this a questio more than an actualy rant; I know that I focus more on specific problems more than an actual question towards the end but still. Anyway thank you for any answers.

Answer #1

I claim the right to make fun of people who give up real life for video games. And I claim the right to make fun of people who give up real life for TV.

To sum it up, I claim the right to make fun of ivory-tower people who give up real life. Whether their ivory tower is a library, a video game, a TV station or a church is of no regard to me.

Answer #2

You may try to clam those rights but you do not have any right to them.

Answer #3

I would guess because it makes the people that bully fill better. Im a gamer to and got picked on some for it. Luckily the bulk of my school was gamers. But just keep in mind that it was gamers and “nerds” that invented things like MySpace, FaceBook, anbd YouTube, now there richer then most people that picked on them.

Answer #4

I can say whatever I want. As long as I can live with the echo. U know. People can say whatever they want to say to me, too.

Answer #5

because some ppl feel like it is a waist of time and dont understand why some ppl play video games they may think its stupid or just wouldnt play a games their selfor even maybe cuz they nerver tried them out on the other hand i think video games are super cool n i have no prob with it i think that more people should play them

Answer #6

Well I am talking about people who DO go out if they’re invited, people who DO have social lives. So it’s not like they are turning down an opprotunity to hang out with friends, it’s just something done during some free time. Besides you’re on the internet right now, so you’re replacing real life with your computet/phone.

Answer #7

Yep. Right. And who looks down on people who sometimes play a game or sometimes hang out on the web? Hardly anyone. Because almost everyone does that occasionally. I was trying to say that it’s usually the “give up real life” part that makes people a target for derision. And those who give up real life for any fantasy world deserve some well placed, slightly malicious derision. :P Do you, maybe, hang out with people who stereotype about all gamers being ivory tower people?

Answer #8

Well I don’t think its an issue that stereotypical gamers are not social. Its that people who already who are not very social take to games. The type of people who fill the stereotypical gamer role are usually introverted people to begin with from my experience (me being one of them). introverted people don’t like large social situations. They don’t like talking to lots of people. So people like me take to games for a fun activity (and reading and other “nerdy” hobbies) instead of interacting with lots of people - which makes us nervous. As to why they are looked down on or teased for being nerds, IMO is because they are usually less inclined to participate in physical sports, and therefor are assumed to be “weaklings”.

Answer #9

You know it’s the whole nerd concept and also that they look and dress a certain way, and couldn’t be with a hot girl if their life depended on it is a notion many seem to have accepted. I think it’s just a lot of media stereotyping that has been accepted. I have buddy who is hooked on games too but he does alright with the ladies and has a cool job so I don’t know why this continues to persist.

Answer #10

Thing is, people like to call down on other people. Many people love to feel superior. And to feel superior they call down on people. It could be from how they dress, to what they do for fun, to how they look. I don’t understand why they can’t see it’s wrong. If a person likes to game then, why does it concern any other person. Especially if they think it’s a waste of time. It is very arrogant of people to do that. If it is what they like to do, why make fun of them? People just need entertainment of some sort. We can’t change people.

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