Does using a bot for Gaia Gold work?

Does it really work to use a bot to get gaia gold?

Answer #1

lol go to this site and log in and you will get 100k gold in a couple of days :S and you cant get banned for it.. atleast thts wht I’ve heard :S xD well but uhm just log in and you should be redirected to gaia :P hers the link:

Answer #2 this works ok for a bot I’ve used it for 5 months and no ban on my mule yet

Answer #3

eh I tried the fishing hack, it’s helpful I only used it for a few mins, casue I’m too scared that they might ban me @_@

Answer #4

yes it does , but you can get banned from the game.

Answer #5

Everyone. Direct your attention to the url learningtobesmart provided. Do not go there. He/she is going to steal your password. Just warning ya. And don’t use a bot. Gaia will catch you and even on the very very slim chance they don’t, why would you want to cheat a site that you like?

Answer #6

There are a few bots that actually work, but the only ones that are guaranteed not to get you caught are the ones you have to pay for. You’re better off getting it the old-fashioned way.

Answer #7

You can use a macro tool at or whatever. But Gaiaonline can find you, they can find anything.

Gaia records I.Ps and if they see a bot using the I.P that your on they will ban you. I hate how Gaia works with banning bot users, or suspicious people. If you want you can add me to your friends list. My SN is [O] [M] [G]

Good luck!

Answer #8

NOOO!!i’ve been hacked with those jacked up things!so dont try it unless u want to be hacked!uuuhhh

Answer #9

I would suggest the Gaia Fishing hack (google it*) It’s a bot that can remove detection and moves you off the map. It reels in fish EVERYTIME! the fish don’t fight back. If you fish at Durem you get plenty of gold per bucket. You’ll have to download Winrar to use it though. They don’t hack you since I and many of my Gaia friends used it several times. If you’re still worried about getting caught or scammed, use a mule account.

Answer #10

Yes.. well depends I give out to new people and dont have that much money starting out with. Info me at I can put a bunch of money and items in your account. Im often on a lot depends so if I will always get back to you right away if I don’t give it a day for sure thanks for reading

include password username

Answer #11

You mean getting gaia gold by cheating or using a bot? Not that I’m aware of, all the “tips” posted here to date have been scams.

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