G-SPOT - where is it? how does it work? why can't I find it?

Ok me and my girlfriend want to find her G-spot, I did a bit of exploring after some research and got few results.

First we make sure she is REALLY arroused, so the glans fill with fluids. then I put my middle finger inside of her. about half an inch in, and up, it is ridgid, but she doesnt feel anything there so I keep going about 1-2 inches in, until I can go up to the roof higher. I can feel some squishy parts, and if I push high and far enough (the length of my finger barely gets there) it feels like she has to pee really bad, even after she went to the washroom. if I push really hard on the roof and move, she said it feels really good, but nothing happened. I massaged it up and down for about 3 minutes, no results, but she said it felt like she had to pee a lot and it felt good. This is the only time I’ve explored and made it feel good after a lot of looking around.

Do you have to spend a long time at g-spot to get orgasm? or is it almost instantly? what exactly is a g-spot orgasm and how does it work? how do I make it work? how longs it take? is it hard?

what am I doing wrong or what should I be trying to do?

Answer #2

u did hit the spot.. its normal for her to feel like she has to pee.. some girls feel like that. i do sometimes. dont expect her to orgasim though, patdchick is right, some girls have a lot of trouble orgasming. just pleasure her.. dont focus so much on having an orgasim.

Answer #3

Also, the part that felt good for her wasn’t ridgid, like all the websites say. the ridged part was right at the beggining, I went in farther and higher, and it just got soft and squishy up there.

Answer #4

sweetsarah you’re getting me a bit scared because the only time I can orgasm is if I’m on top. I hope it won’t be a matter of time before it stops. My husband is already self-conscious, imagine if that happened it would kill him.

Answer #5

ok I am having a little trouble, when I have sex, I dont feel any pleasure unless my clitoris is being stimulated then I can climax, but if no stimulation to the clitoris there is nothing, is something wrong with me???

Answer #6

This is one issue that I have a theory on. I really think every girl’s g-spot develops differently from others and once it does it really takes off. I remember having two fingers rubbed against the upper side of my vagina when I was 19. It felt interestingly intense, but after I got marrried at 22 and like everyone’s parents say “it just gets better,” my g-spot is my husband’s best friend. Whether it I with his fingers or his penis which is pretty thick, the rubbing sets me off like a nuclear blast. When I get off clitorally I can usually only take it once or twice before it becomes too sensitive, but with my g-spot I’ve gone as many as 11 hard shuddering orgams before begging him to stop. Don’t fret about yourself at your age. It will get better!!

Answer #7

Girls have to be confortable also, if they are actually having a goal to have an orgasm it will end up being to much pressure on them, they end up not getting there. Maybe you should try not going for orgasm and more focusing on making the experience enjoyable, and orgrams will appear out of no where.

Answer #8

ok what the heck is a g-spot?

Answer #9

Aweetsarah and mmmkish, it’s all about relaxation, when you feel relax with your partner and you both take your time with nice words and flirting, specially touching all over your body, just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of the touch, and believe me, if this all happened with something called LOVE (a bit of it at least)you will never get an orgasm, and that’s a fact.

Answer #10

Ok wmsgal the g spot is a highly sensitive spot in a womans body. When the spot is rubbed, pushed, massaged (generally things like that) the woman will have a high orgasm. To those of you saying you felt you had to pee, that isnt what it is. Look up the term “squirt” in porn. Its when a woman is so highly aroused that she climaxes and actually shoots her vaginal fluids out like when a woman urinates. Trust me if your husband/boyfriend tries to stimulate your g-spot and you feel you have to pee, then just tell him dont stop. It will only get stronger. And in a few moments you should have the best orgasm you can have. I myself stimulate my girlfriend whenever I get the chance (seriously, in movie theaters and in busses. pretty much anywhere) and she loves when I “play with her g-spot” as she likes to say. So just allow your husband to kiss you all over placing light feathery touches all over your body then tell him to try it. It might take a few times for you laes out there to actually climax but it will happen. There is nothing wrong with you. And to answer the question, depending on the height and preportions of the womans bodily set up, any where from 2 - 5 inches in and on the roof of the vaginal canal

Hope this helped you all

Answer #11

the feeling of having to pee is you going to have an orgasm. masterrbate and get to know the feeling. make sure yu pee though before you do anything.

Answer #12

inside your vagina… Like as far as yer finger can go in… Pointed towards you. Not toward yer anal but:.. Lol

Answer #13

Well, my boyfriend has hit my G-Spot while fingering many times, but I have NEVER had an orgasm while being fingered. It is actually hard for me to have an orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, when we mess around, it feels AWESOME. It’s just that some girls have a lot of trouble having an orgasm, and some actually cant even orgasm. You might not being doing anything wrong. It might just be hard for her to orgasm, so you might have to try something else. Try giving her oral or something. It is easier for girls to orgasm getting oral than fingering.

Answer #14

one night me and my husband was playing around having sex and why I was riding him I felt like I had to pee really bad and I know what I am about to say might seem nasty but if you really feel comfortable with your play mate then pee thats right as I was riding my husand I felt like I had to pee and he told me to pee just dont stop so I did and omg for the first time I had the best orgasm of my life sometimes when you feel like you have to pee you really don’t during the time of havin sex and having to pee thats a sign of a orgasm I’m telling you pee on your mate and I promise you u’ll have the best orgasm of your life!!!

Answer #15

What criss says about the tongue makes alot of difference in the pleasure trust me. It feels good with out it but it feels a hell of alot better with it. You might at least get her closer to an orgasm. Its hard for me to have an orgasm with just fingering but the tongue makes it happen almost every time.

Answer #16

stay longer and keep up the massaging…. pushing….. 20 mins to half hour…. if ya girl can relax and set her mind at ease it will happen for her….. try conbinding it with the tongue to the clit….. …. you should soon be drowning in feminine juices…… good luck…. criss

Answer #17

to find a gspot mostly is 2 inches in and you have to like curl your finger up just a little bit that peein sensation means your pretty close to it she wont cum at the moment or like become wetter but if you stay searching or just playing around in the same spot I grantee good results

good luck

Answer #18

im having the same issues. im a girl and the for a while my boyfriend could get me to orgasim but I would have to be on top. NOW for some reason even if I am on top I dont orgasim anymore! we try so many things and he thinks its his fault so sometimes I lie and say I did, but he knows I didnt . I dont want him to think my problem is his! I also get teh feeling now likei have to pee really bad and I just get unfocused and its a disaster. so I need help too. any suggestions?

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