What are funny things to do on a long flight?

Hey! I am soon to go on a long flight and I was wondering if there is anything funny to do that will keep me amused for 8hours other than the movie?? Cheers! pop_n_fresh

Answer #1

read a magazine? take mini games with u? ummm if you ave a nintendo ds? sleep!!? stare out the window? sex in the tiny toilet? (dependin on how old you r!!) lol other than that I aint gta clue!!

Answer #2

talk real loud squirm sigh really loud and GOD THIS IS A LONG FLIGHT!!! really loud keep calling the flight attendent over and ask for really stupid things LOL

Answer #3

reading or sleeping :)

Answer #4

Oooh I got loads of funny ones! Cheers :)

Push the flight attendant call button and pretend it give you a shock. When you get everybody’s attention, smile.

Call the Psychic Hotline from the in-flight phone and ask if they know where you are.

Drop a pen in the aisle and wait until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream, ‘That’s mine!’

Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the airplane.

Lay down a Twister mat in the back of the plane and ask people if they’d like to play.

Leave a box in the corner, and when someone picks it up ask if they hear something ticking.

Pretend you are a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the passengers.

Ask, ‘Did you feel that?’

Stand really close to someone, sniffing them occasionally.

Swat at flies that don’t exist.

Tell people that you can see their aura.

Scream ‘Pillow Fight!’

Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering ‘Shut up, all of you, just shut up!’

Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce in horror, ‘You’re one of THEM!!’.

Wear a puppet on your hand and use it to talk to the other passengers.

Listen to the airplane walls with a stethoscope.

Make explosion noises when anyone presses a flight attendant call button.

Answer #5

Try talking to the person next to you. I’ve found that when you are traveling alone strangers on a plane will tell you their life story since they figure they will never see you again. I’ve had fellow travelers tell me about crimes they commited, their sex lives, their psyciatriac problems, etc.

Answer #6

I always do this on every flight no matter how short or how long!!! Decorate the barf bags!!! Bring a bunch of markers and decorate them with pictures and words. Suggestions:

  • Tell them you are sorry they feel sick and draw a picture of an ocean with fish to ‘sooth them’

  • Draw a picture of the plane crashing and people dying

  • Write, this bag is a good one, it worked really well when I used it, then put something in it so they think it was used.

  • Write down a motivational sentence like “Barf that food up!” “Don’t hold back SACK it to me!” (lol sack… heh)

  • Write NOOO!! PLEASE NO!!! on the bag

  • Provide directions for the user 1.) Open bag 2.) Cough it up 3.) Choke on what didn’t come up 4.) Drink your water 5.) Puke some more when you realize it was alcohol 6.) Close bag 7.) Put in the above storage container so the next person to open it recieves a surprise 8.) Enjoy your flight and thank you for flying (whatever line you’re flying) airlines

Lots of good ideas, and trust me. The sick will thank you.

Answer #7

bring portable dvd player and watch movies…

…but I like the suggestions of braodwaystar 101…lol

Answer #8

1).shake the persons hand when he or she enters on board. 2).congratulate all for being on the same flight as you. 3).Blow your nose and offer to show the contents of your kleenex to other passengers. 4).Grimace painfully while smacking your forhead on the window and muttering:shut up,all of you just shut up. 5).Blow spit bubbles. 6).Crack open your bag or purse and while peering inside ask:”got enough air in there?” 7).Do your yoga exercises. 8).Stare,grinning at all the other passengers for a while,and then announce:”I ve got new socks on!” 9).Meow occasionally. 10).Start a sing along 11).Break wind and blame it on the person next to you. 12).Perform a striptease. 13).Say “this new g-string is really starting to hurt”Then attemp to adjust it. 14).Bet other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose. 15).On leaving your aircraft,ask the passengers if they want to be your friend.Burst into tears if they say no.

Answer #9

Watch a movie and pick a person on the movie and whenever that person speaks say to the person next 2 u “THEY ARE SUCH A GOOD ACTOR”

Drench the whole isle in olive oil and watch what happens

watch a horror movie and whenever anyone comes on the screen scream

keep saying thimble

bark like a dog accasionly

wear a nappy on your head and occasionly tap it and say this once saved my life!

go in the toilet and keep screamin and shouting and pretending to fart then come out and say to the peep next 2 u “that was one crispy poo”

ask the person next to you whats your favourite colour every hour

take 10 pictures of everyone on the plane

randomly start singing a very annoying song

say to the driver “I left my lucky button at the airport can we go backa and get it”

look under the seat every 5 minutes

do a fart on your hand and ask the peep next 2 you if they want to smell it

start singing withch docter (ooh eee ooh ahah ting tang walla walla bing bang)

count to a million and when you get to 999999 say “oh wait was it 999999 or 999998? oh well I shall just start again” (count loudly)

if the person next 2 you looks at you scream extremely loudly

when you are given the menu scream “I dont want any of this! I want sand!!!”

pt your ear against the window and insist you can hear god having sex

bring a toy phone and pretend you are calling santa

bring a large pice of cheese and smell it every few seconds

bring some cheese and rub it on your armpit and insist that the other person smells it or you will scream

brong a stethoscope and put it on the person next 2 you head

bring a xylophone and play the same note over and over

if the person looks at you pretent to cry

go up to an ugly person and say “YOU ARE ONE OF THEM”

pee in a barf bag then make a hole in it

Answer #10

Open your flight bag, peer inside, and ask, ‘Got enough air in there?’

Stare grinning at another pasenger for a while, then announce ‘I’ve got new socks on!’

Meow occassionly

Listen through the windows and announce ‘I can hear the ocean!’

Announce in a demonic voice ‘I must find a more suitable host body!’

Get a pair of sunglases and make them look like x-ray specs, then smily sugestively at other passengers.

Answer #11

Act like a movie star.

Ask someone for their autograph, pretending that you think they’re Tom Cruise or Madonna (This best when the person looks nothing like the movie star in question)

Attempt to promote Hinduism among passengers.

Bring a fake cell phone (like the ones with candy inside) and pretend to call God, say ‘The reception is much clearer up here’

Call the stewardess “nurse”.

Describe your sex life in great detail to the five-year-old next to you

Disco dance in the aisle

Don’t use deoderant, then “accidently” stick your armpit in someone’s face

During the inflight movie, ask to share headphones with someone

Fart loudly and act shocked, looking around to see who did it

Get some rub-on tattoos and a leather jacket, pretend that you belong to a biker gang

Go into the bathroom and make rude bodily noises, then come out looking refreshed.

Go into the bathroom, drop your pants, then come out, yelling “We’re out of toilet paper!”

Jump up and scream “AAAHHH!! I left the stove on!!”

Lead a bible study session in the back of the plane.

Lead a revolt against the first class passengers.

Moon passing Delta planes.

No matter what the meal choices are, demand rice-a-roni.

Put on a ten foot diameter sombrero and slouch in your seat, whacking everyone on the head.

Remark that perhaps you shouldn’t have put superglue in your undies that morning.

Ride carry-on luggage down the aisle, yelling “Yeee-ha!”

Say, “Did you know every time a plane crashes, an angel gets its wings?” Then sigh and stare dreamily into the clouds.

Scratch your butt, then sniff your finger.

Scream and dive under your seat for no apparent reason.

Suddenly remember that you left your iron on. Ask if the pilot would mind going back so you can check.

Switch accents and see if anyone notices.

Tap at the windows, saying “Looks pretty tough” then ask somone if they have a bat you could use to test.

Tell corny jokes and laugh like it’s absolutely hilarious, then expect others to do the same 46.

Wear a hairpiece and switch it often, seeing if anyone notices.

Tell the person next to you your life story, from DNA to that afternoon.

When watching the inflight film, whenever a nude scene comes on yell…’Hey, he/she must be cold!’

Again with the film whenever some people kiss belch out loud making unessercery remarks.

Hope this helps! ;)

Answer #12

Ta Be Honest Thats Not That Long :L

I Went On A Flight And It Lasted 11 Hours 30 Minutes :O

Take An MP3 Player

Or Something

Long Flights Are So Boring :(

Havee Funn x

Answer #13

welll keep poking the person next to you sing a song that will makes others sing like ( the weels on the bus ten in abed ect ) I did on my school trip and teacher gt anoyed lol hee hee hum extremaly loud anoyed and look anoyed at person next to you whislt stopming your feet

ask the person next to you lods of questios that you dont no the answere to loll

say hello and wave to god angles and pangers

play boggeys ( one person screams and the get loader untill you are asked to stop )2 players - whole of people on the plne

have fun xxx were you going on you 8 hr flight

Answer #14

ask questions abouts their sex life of the person siting beside u ? askk if tne have ever cheated their husdand/wife?

pretend to cry till someone comes to you and ask for held,say you were not serious about it.

pretend to fart loud and blame on the air hostess.

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