Funny/rude names :p

I'm looking for funny names, I've got some allready :
Mike Litoris (my clitirous)
ben dover (bend over)
Drew peacock (droopy c*ck)
Phil m'crackin' (fill my crack in)
I.P freely (I pee freely)

Anymore ?

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james reed is gay

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Phil McCrackin

what are the names of the teletubbies?
ANSWER #3 of 30

wilma fingadoo

wilma dickfit

dick fitzinyer

What are some nicknames for the name Kelsey?
ANSWER #4 of 30

Ivana Shagu
Isaac cox

good nick name for a guy named chad?
ANSWER #5 of 30

Iver BigOne
Shack Meard

good nicknames for a guy named cody?
ANSWER #6 of 30

ivanna humpalot (I wanna hump a lot) I hope that was good because I gott it off a movie austin powers lmao

What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?
ANSWER #8 of 30

richard anew (richer than you)
T.R.anney (tranny)
lotti ornob (lotta your nob)
Kimberly clarke (I knew someone with this name, its funny because its the name of a toilet paper brand)
dick holder (same)
Will.hankover.boys/w.hankover.boys (wank over boys)
hank over (hangover)
/ \ ps, bob says hi

Any got any nicknames for my name, Lindsey ?
ANSWER #9 of 30

Ivor Biggen
Seymour Buttz
Hugh Janus
Betty Swumcheeks (swap the 1st letter of each word)
Betty Swallocks "
Dick Cheese
Dick Ryder

I Do love Penny Tration

Whats a good nickname for the name Nathan?
ANSWER #10 of 30

Bane Ghass (Bang @ss)
B.J. Cox (Self explanatory)
Dick Buckis (D*ck Buttkiss)
Yiu Fouka (you F*cker)
Bit Chass (B*tch @ss)

What is another name for Aaron (Nicknames)?
ANSWER #11 of 30

Dan Gleebitz
Mary Hinge
Penny Tration

Nick names for Sara...?
ANSWER #12 of 30

Wayne Kerr (wanker)

ANSWER #13 of 30

Adolf Oliver Busch
Adolf Oliver Nipple
Al Bumin
Al Kaholic
Al Lickertwat
Al K. Holic
Allota Dick
Alotta Fagina
Alpha Kenny Juan
Amanda Hugenkiss
Amanda Reckonwith
Anita Dick
Anita Bath
Anita Potty
Anita Peter
Anita Roddick
Anita Bonia
Anita Moorehead
Anita Goodsheet
Anita Cathider
Annie Body
Annie Recksun
April Pealot
April Showers
B. O'Problem
Barb B. Cue
Barbara(Barb) D. Wire
Barbie Dahl
Barry Abone
Barry Schmelly
Bea Sting
Bell E. Flopp
Ben Dover
Ben Gay
Ben Yankin
Ben Anas
Benjamin Over
Bertha D. Blues
Betty Kant
Bill Board
Bill Ding
Boyd Schidtt
Breeda Fairey
Candi Dish
Caress Masacc
Ceasar Titts
Chico Rhett
Chris Anthemum
Chris Peacock
Chris Biddick
Chris P. Cream
Chuck Wipple
Cole Kutz
Comeoni Wanalaya
Corey Dunnett
Craven Moorhead
Crystal Chanda Leir
D. Booty
Dan Glyen
Darren Dick
Denise R. Nockin
and more...
Dennis Toffice
Di Rhea
Diana Cancer
Dick Gazinya
Dick Hertz
Dick Lotion
Dick Butkiss
Dick Trickle (Nascar Driver)
Dick Sweat (New Hampshire Congressman)
Dick Skidmore
Dick Wood
Dick Stillhard
Dick Link
Dick Holder
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Spring
Dick Heads
Dick Groh
Dick Fitz
Dick Burns
Dick Longfellow
Dick Ryser
Dick B. Long
Dick Israel Small
Dick S. Bendragen
Dill Doe
Dixie Normous
Dixon Tudeep
Dixon Hand
Don Bashinda Miccar
Dr. Festerpus
Drew Peacock
Dwayne Pipe
Eden Cherry
Eileen Left
Eileen Uhlik
Eileen Dover
Elena Mae Steele watch out for your stuff.
Ella Mentry
Emerson Biggins
Emma Lusa
Fawn Dell Maibalz
Felia Balls
Forrest Ranger
Gargoa Dick
George Washington Bridge
Geri Attrick
hanni ball
Harry Dickman
Harry Balls
Harry Kuntz
Harry Cox
Harry Bare
Harry Balzonia
Harry Pitts
Harry Peters
Harry Butts
Harry Crack
Harry Bush
Harry Ashin
Harry Wang
Harry P. Ness
Harry Zach O'Balls
Haywood Yablome
Haywood Jabuzov
Heaven Lee
Hedda Hare
Hedda Lettuce
Helen Heaven
Herbie Sinplex
Holden Cox
Holly Woods
Holly Dayin
Honey Bunny Hare
Howie Feltersnatch
Howie Diddot
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jorgan
Hugh DeMann
Hugh DeMann
Hugh Flung Poo
Hugh G. Rection
Hung Lo
I.P. Freely
I.P. Daily
Igotta Gobad
Ilene Dover
Ima Horr
Ima Gay
Ima Cumming
Isaac Cox
Isaac Kuntz
Iva Biggun
Ivan Offlcockitch
Ivana Tinkle
Ivana Humpalot
Ivana Sukalot
Ivanna B. Badd
Iver Dick
Jack Cass
Jack Pot
Jack Mehoff
Jack N. Noff
Jaques Strapp
Jen Etzel
Jena Talia
Jenna Tolls
Jenna Side
Jerry Attrick
Jim Shoe
Jim Nasium
Jimmy Herlocker
Joe King
Joe Mamuh
Juan Kerr
Juan Hung Lowe
Juwanna Hooker
Juwanna Peter
Keisha Mei Ash
Kitty Litter
Kris Mass
L. Angel
Lee Stak
Leigha Tard
Lemmy Ian
Liz B. Anne
Lon Moore
Lotta Hare
Lou Tenant
Lu Zer
Lyman Cherry
M.T. Mylode
Madame Dick Hertz
Mandy Lifeboats
Manny Kanblo
Manny Feltersnatch
Marge Innovera
Marie Wanna
Mary Juanna
Mary Chris Smith
Max E. Padd
May Flowers
May Flowers
Mike Okhurtz
Mike Hunt
Mike Hock
Mike Lit
Mike Rotch
Mike Oxbig
Mike Rotchtickles
Milo Minute
Minny Heurts
Mitch Ubishi
Moe Lester
Moe Rocca
Mr. Bates
N. O'Brain
Natalie Drest
Neal DuPrey
Nick Carrs
Noah Ho
Norma Lee Oppin
Oliver Klozov
Oliver Sutton
Ophelia Teats
Paige Turner
Pat McRotch
Pat Myass
Pat McGroin
Pat Mycock
Patty O'Ferncher
Patty O'Dors
Penny Candy
Penny Nichols (Banker)
Pete Moss
Peter Wiener
Peter Gozinya
Peter Palmer
Peter Pulimov
Peter Sukimov
Peter Burns
Peter B. Hangin
Peter B. Stiff
Phani Tikkala (a consultant in N.J, USA)
Phil McCraken
Phil Apeno
Phil Mike Hunt
Phill McCafferty (Dentist)
Phillip (P.) Brain
Phylis Up
R. Sole
R. Swipe
Richard Dick
Richard Cranium
Richard Noggin dick head
Richard (Dick) Head
Rick O'Shae
Rob O. Flavin
Robin Banks
Robyn DeCradle
Rose Bush
Rosie Kuntz
Rufus Leaking
Sam Aritan
Sandy Fagina
Sarah Bellum
Scott Free
Seymour Privates
Seymoure Butts
Sharon Cox
Sharron Peters
Sharron D. Zeazes
Stacy Rhect
Stanley Steamer
Stewart(Stu) Pidd
Stu Pidasol
Stu Pid
Sue Zuki
Sue E. Side
Tad Pole
Tara Dikov
Teresa Green
Terry Aki
Terry Dactyl
Tess Eckel
Tess Tickler
Titsiana Boobarini
Tommy Gun
Trish Fish
Tyron Shulaces
U.G. Rection
Utits Besaggy
Vishnu VerHeer
Wayne Kerr
Wendy Bottom
Willie Makeet
Willie B. Hardigan
Wyn Green (Casino Pit Boss)
Yuri Yakov
Zach O'Balls
sorry people I couldnt help it >.<

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gareld fitspatric @ patric fitsgareld
(neil and bob)

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Alotta Fagina :) A lotta vagina :)

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Joanne Card

ANSWER #17 of 30

Ivonna Tinkle (I wanna tinkle)
Amanda Hugandkiss (a man to hug and kiss)
Al Coholic (hmmm I wonder . . . . . . . )
Anita Drink (I need to drink)
Ty Twad (Tight Wad)
Nada Friend (Need a friend)
Hal Apeno

Oooohhh some of those are bad . . . . . oh well . . . . . . .

oh yeah and Hank E Pankie

ANSWER #18 of 30

Ivan Itchysack
Hudya Nickabolokov

ANSWER #19 of 30

Sut Pidasso (Stuid A**hole) my brother made that one up!

ANSWER #20 of 30

Wayne Kerr ( wanker)
Dr Fei Ling ( our denist) - tooth fillings

ANSWER #21 of 30

Blow Job
I cant htink of one lmao

ANSWER #22 of 30

harry balsonya-hair ball$ and ya

ANSWER #23 of 30

Chris P. Bacon (crispy bacon)

ANSWER #24 of 30

mike hunt---my cnt

ANSWER #25 of 30

Haywood Jablowme
Peter Gozinya

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Peter File

yes, yes I sed it me the masked unmasked unmasked masked man muahahahaha cheese grater fluff

ANSWER #27 of 30

Claire Midia
C. Fallis
Will Leejuice
Rosy Cheeks
D. scharge
Izzy Gay
E. sitard
Boo Beejuice
HaddaHar Dwan
Dilly Doe
Viber Ator
Ima Virgin
Hughgee P. nis
Iji Zalot
Knee Dawee
Shiti Maself
Mast Urbate
Richard [Dick] Weed
Lara Jarce
Maul Dinipple
Bigar Teets
Hugh Jarce
Teetaw Ank

[Any More??]

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Richard Head.

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Claire Midia [Chlamydia]

ANSWER #30 of 30

Ruth Boon

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