Why do girls always think they are fat on this site?

You know what is funny…lately I have been spending a lot of time on this site…of course I’ve only known about it for two days…but I have read an awful lot of questions and responses…and from what I’ve read is that a lot of girls think they’re fat…and they stem it from what other people tell them…but the only people who think that stick figure is pretty is girls who become that way because they think guys like it…but I haven’t found one guy on here saying that he likes super skinny girls. I was just looking at a picture of a girl and the person wanted to know if the girl in the picture was fat…I would give anything to look like her…but some of the responses from teenage girls was, “she is so disgusting and fat” yet the guys who responded said she looked healthy. Does anybody understand what I’m trying to say? How ironic is that.

Answer #1

What I think is ironic, is that you have actually asked several questions about your OWN weight. I do think it’s pretty sad that girls are so obsessed with every little part of them, but I guess part of it is just who we are. Most are just seeking compliments.

Answer #2

most people do it because they want attention …

Answer #3

Yes, and I don’t understand it. In fact, I get angry when I read questions from young girls who want to know how to become anorexic. Do they not realize that anorexia is a disease and that it’s a miserable existence? Why would anyone choose that over being fit and healthy?

I agree with ash23 - I am far more impressed with a girl who is comfortable and confident about herself and who is not obsessed with being stick thin. As a personal trainer, I have worked with women of all shapes and sizes - to me, the gals who are within a healthy weight range are by far the most attractive, and to be perfectly honest, even the gals who are a few pounds overweight and don’t obsess about it are fun to be around.

I’ll take healthy over anorexic any time.

Answer #4

I agree… there is much irony to it.

a lot of girls have poor self esteem. The image of what girls “should” look like, portrayed by the media, is false. In the real word girls are not flawless with perfect bodies. Girls want that perfect body, when infact what they end up acheiving is not perfect at all. Most of the time its life threatening and can hurt them badly.

Guy are comfortable with the girls who are comfortable and confident with themselves. Not someone who will risk their life to acheive this unrealistic image.

Answer #5

They either want to be told that they’re not, or they’re trying to live up to that ‘perfect image’ that everyone seems to have in mind because of seeing celebrities, or even because of what society is telling people they should look like.

The only girl that is really perfect (And I hate her, not because I’m jealous, but because she makes people believe they NEED to be like her) is Barbie. And she’s.. well, she’s not real. And, personally, I think she’s flipping scary. I’d be pissed off if I looked like her.

Girls, and guys even, tend to look at themselves and picking out the little imperfections that most people don’t even notice and totally overlooking the GOOD things about themselves. Really, it’s best to understand your faults and strengths and be COMFORTABLE with who you are. It’s stupid for people to think that they can be perfect and to forever obsess over the fact that they aren’t skinny, or they’re short, or they’ve got small breasts, whatever. Everyone is UNIQUE and they should appreciate that. Really, nobody should want to try to live up to that perfect image.

Goddd, I’m typing this response, and this commercial is on about how people should take pills for being thin because being fat is unattractive and everyone wants to be thin and everyone thinks that thinner people look better. Perfect example of people being given the wrong idea. Sure, fine to lose weight if it’s for the best and it’s really UNHEALTHY how overweight they are, but otherwise, people need to be more comfortable with themselves and quit obsessing..

Blame society!

Or, of course, they want to be told they’re hot. -.-

Answer #6

That is just kinda strange what the girls say. Most girls care about what boys think of them. I am very insecure and I worry about everything. I am 14 and I dance and play a lot of sports but I still feel horrible. I always worry about what anyone thinks of me. My friends never say I look pretty anything like that. My family does but they are my family and they love me so I don’t believe them. I don’t think I am fat because I have some chubby friends and I know I don’t look like that. I don’t think I am skinny because I weigh a lot for a 14 year old but I am much lighter than my friends. I am 135 and they are 150 and 160! Since I do a lot of sports and dance I have a lot of muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. And you don’t have to be thin to be a dancer. I am medium or on the small side. You can dance no matter how much you weigh.

Answer #7

cus every1 wants to model skinny and 4 girls a lot of the time if there not they automaticaly think there fat or they get teased and told there fat or something

Answer #8

girls are always wondering how they look. they always think they can look better than they do right now, even just 1 week after plastic surgery

Answer #9

girls may have low self esteem and we’re never praise ourselves (unlike boys lol) and because boys want perfect girls sowe think we’re not if one doesnt like us

thats all can think of now lolol

Answer #10

I’m 19, and I too lack in self esteem, only, it’s not because I’m not skinny, or even close. I’m aware of my body, I know it’s nowhere near perfect, and I accepted it, I’m fine with that cause that’s me. Those who call me fat are just not worth of my time. There is so much more underneath one’s body and looks, and those who don’t see that miss out a lot in life.

My reason for low self esteem is actually my face. I used to have acne problems and such, and I don’t have any scars or anything, but I sort of got used to hiding my face and being ashamed of it. I know I’m not beautiful at all (in fact, I think my face is strangely asymetrical and altogether odd), and I know that, in most cases, the face is what people first notice on a person, and it really makes me feel bad. I have to say, I still haven’t met a girl I could call ugly - I simply think there’s no such thing as ugly, and it’s not really in my nature to judge anyone by their physical appearance, but I find it so hard to think that way about my self… Yes, I suppose the problem is in me and my head, but I can’t get over it. And it’s giving me a really hard time when I’m around people. But that’s my problem, and I’m working on it :)

However, all you gals out there - forget about those models in the magazines! They’re just not for real! Do you have any idea how hard it is to be all that skinny? Even worse, do you know how terribly unhealthy it is?! I say, eat healthy, never be ashamed of your self, never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, because that’s life! Nobody’s perfect and nobody can ask for perfect! (If anyone does, they’re absolutely not worth of your time.) Enjoy this life you got, go out, laugh a lot, have fun, find your own way and go for it! Friends and love don’t need perfection, you all already have what it takes!

Answer #11

I have really low self esteem. I’m 13 and I’ve already had an eating disorder. I’m a dancer too which makes everything worse. some of my dance teachers tell us that we have to be thin to be a dancer. I could care less what models look like in magazines, but I do care to be thin to be a dancer.

Answer #12

that is a good ? i no so girls on this site that are not fat there my friends and i have now clu why it because i most girls eyes they are fat i think im to thin but you now

Answer #13

No Some chickz know there not but ask so people will give them complements

Answer #14

No Some chickz know there not but ask so people will give them complements

Answer #15

=/ I understand what you mean however its hard to be confident about yourself when you have people b*tching behind your back about your image 24/7

Answer #16

Well, I’m 13 and I have very low selm esteem..I can’t deny that. I happen to used to think I’m fat..maybe I still do..I’m not really sure what I think yet. but everyone calls me fat at my school because they know it makes me ticked..& I believe it & then I dont eat..but I think I’ve gotten out of that stage [maybee]

Answer #17

b/c stupid ppl lower grls self esteem and they get all upset and start thinkin the worst thats y.

Answer #18

Because they want to be happy with themselves, like me. But I am fat:( dangit

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