Funniest things done in a lesson

Like omg, I have so many, Like in french our teacher left the class and we all moved the tables, and swapped seats. And today in re. our teacher said ‘I’m hear because…’ And I shouted out, because your mum and dad love each other.

brb dinner

Answer #1

LMFAO. Well thats one way to get the word out there. I bet if hes looking for s*x he won’t have trouble finding anyone XD.

Oh call it imature but but me and my friends sometimes play the “Sx” game (not as bad as it soundsXD) in the hallway at lunch.
So on person wispers “S
x and the next person follow but has to say it a little louder, and the next person says it louder… untill your screaming down the “Sx!” Sooo many heads turnXD you could also do it with any sick word “Pnis” “Vagina” ect. its an interesting game.

Oh another thing I did just last week. It was my best friends sweet 16 and I tapped her lock on her locker closed… and we went to class and she forgot her hmwk in her locker and goes to get it and 10 mins later comes back and says “uhhh my friend tapped my lock closed” and the teacher didn’t hear me say “haha that was me” and tell my friend “hmm I think you should get better friends” Fun times.
you got anymore?

Answer #2

LMFAO thats soo somthing I would have done…im soo clumsy… im so bad that if one of my friends falls, trips, hurts themself, accidently hurt someone else, spills somthing they says “Ooop I pulled a Marilyn” (my names marilyn) haha

Answer #3

Damn, teachers probably don’t like you and your friends very much XD but thats hilarious. It hilarious to c that kind of stuff but it sucks when you have to deal with it (loike a teacherXD)

Answer #4

HAHAHA Hilarious, but sad lol

Answer #5

LMFAO, Ha, it weren’t that harsh but like it was silent when it hapend. Or like this boy who lives down my road got kacked (someone yanks down your trousers and sometimes pants) and his pants went down aswell and dispite the fact he is only small he had a big dick :L

Answer #6

umm in maths with mrs le matra and we all shouting and she shouts who dosent whant to learn I I stand up and go me!!! lolz

Answer #7

LMFAO, School is so funny.

Today in science, mr moore said at the end of the lesson, I know it’s not east to behave on a friday last period but you do need to try, so I put my hand up and said, well it is the fair tomorrow so we are all getting excited, and then he said ‘yes but its still not an excuse’ and I said ‘ well it is for me and lolled’ and then he said, ‘ well if it is for you then you can go down in the botttom set for sciene in your gcse year, (because I’m in year nine) and I was like ‘OMG, I’m not moving down because I have excuses, thats stupid, I’m like proper clever, so yeah I’m not moving down’ and then he had a massive go at me and said I hate attitdue problems :(

Answer #8

Yeah, God there are so many other things aswell but I just can’t remeber Or like in a test and we had a english thing and in the test we had to right about showing a famous person going round our school and so on. And I put lil wayne and like since then sir has been giving me really evil looks.

Oh yeah and in that test we moved the tables.

And in french, my friend wanted to leave the classroom but our teacher blocked the door so she couldn’t, and sarah said but just let me fricking go, and then xanthe said ‘go sarah, woop woop’ and she got sent out and as she was walking she said thats so harsh, and then miss ran out the door to have a go at her and got her skirt stuck in the door.

Funniest lesson ever, all we did was laugh, but then she called our head of year and we got a dettention :(

Answer #9

Yep :) I need to think of what else has happend, Oh there is one and like we were in science and there is girl who has never used a bunson bunner and we were using them and she kept like putting think in the flame, and then she had the glass sturrer and said ‘omg like if I hit on the table will it …’ and before she said smash she hit on the table and it smashesd then she said ‘smashed’ funniest thing ever, even though we did have to pay 50p

Answer #10

LMFAO. We do that but to this girl,(the same girl we asked if she fingers er anus) and she fanncies this guy called dom, and we do the same as you ‘seex’ game and we do it with dom, it’s so funny and she starts hiting us ;D

And in history, today the same lesson as I was talking about before we were drawing on each other, and I drew on her book and then another boy drew on her face and we all got a dettention :L

Laugh out loud funnyness, we were laughing through the whole detention

Answer #11

DAMN Those are funny…thought the annal finger one is a lil mean lol… I remember this one time, class was about to end and so we are all up talking to eachother, I got behind my one friend and I snarl (its like growling through my throat, some say its sounds like a possesed pig/lionXD) and she screamed so freaking loud and ran arcross the room and the whole class and teacher looked at her like what the f*ck? and she like “uh sorry something scared me” bc I snarled quietly into the back of her neck/ear and no one else heard XD. Priceless

Answer #12

Or like today, in history, I was on the computer in the class, and I went on google and typed in ‘google emo’ and clicked on, I’m feeling lucky in class and and it went on google emo, and it had like skulls and stuff on and our teacher was right behind me :L And in the same lesson, we went up to this girl just as it goes quiet, ‘apparently you annal finger yourself’ and everyone heard :L

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Answer #14

LOL. I wasn’t ment to put ‘brb dinner’. Wrong text box :L

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