is all funmail private?

o.o random question

Answer #1

yupp.. i’m sure it is, though i think the makers/co-finders of funadvice are able to read them… if things get out of hand

Answer #2

so much for privacy! :(

Answer #3

comp got messed up i cant message u back sorry:)

Answer #4

LOL… i said “i think”… but when out of hand… i’m sure it’s only when ppl write disturbing msgs/abusive… and if the reciver reports the sender… is when they’d read the msg!! - but this is all “I THINK”

Answer #5

i know…i used to have a forum, a long time ago…never looked at anyone’s private messages, I just think it is rude & a private issue. I do on the other hand understand that it is necessary when dealing with people that are harassing others on the funmail…that is just why i said so much for privacy w/o adding more to it!:P

Answer #6

yes it is

Answer #7

Admins can’t read your FunMail….the only exception to that rule is if you flagged a message for being abusive or whatnot - it allows the admins to see what the problem is.

Answer #8

ahh, ok, sounds much better then not having any privacy on the funmail. You know sometimes people feel a lot more comfortable talking about a problem in private ;) it wouldnt have been really in private if others had the opportunity to sneak & peek at what others were discussing unless asked to by the admins to do so due to perhaps serious problems…or irrational behavior. thanks for clearing that up for us! ♥

Answer #9

Someone is planning on sending nude pictures to someone else. PERV!

Answer #10

Yup Colleen is correcto. Jeremy, Ericson can see them when flagged but no one else. Not even myself in this new format.

Answer #11

thanks for keeping us posted!

Answer #12

He wants to know if funmail is private because he wants to send nudey pics of his privates! BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!

Answer #13

lol your screw up in the head

Answer #14

Fun mail works, essentially, like any regular email. That’s the goal behind the feature.

Just like with regular email, if you go breaking the law, you get reported & sent to your ISP for such things as you CAN get into real trouble for…so, too, do we do the same.

If you haven’t noticed by now, logged in members get NO advertising…so, most of the work (90%) of what we do focuses on getting more members, more visitors, and improving how the site works.

The last thing we are interested in doing is reviewing everything that gets posted…takes too much time, in any case. The last version of the site we could easily review all answers, all questions, all group messages, all photos, all howtos… and even then, we reviewed perhaps 60-80% of those things, b/c there was too much for our small team to deal with.

Answer #15

One other thing, for those that are paranoid in the audience: there are not one, but several articles confirming that staff at Facebook can in fact quickly and easily read private messages sent between their members.

SO….if it IS a concern for you, don’t use Facebook.

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