How did you come across FunAdvice?

i was just wondering cuz there are so many people here:) so yeah, how did u come across this site?

Answer #1

I think it had something to do with finding a site I could access from school….

Answer #2

i looked up similar sites to and this came up:D

Answer #3

I Googled something & one of the links was to FA. & So I made an account.

Answer #4

i did the same thing :*)

Answer #5

Awesome! :D

Answer #6

i was on google looking at answers to questions i had and one of them was on funadvice:)

Answer #7

Google and bam FA was the best place to be :D i was random browsing websites on Google :D

Answer #8

I typed in something about parents being stupid to their kids. I was like eh boring OO!! WHAT IS THAT? I read something about a girl running away and I read more posts and WHAM! New FA member.

Answer #9

I wanted to have someone to talk to when I had a problem. Then it showed FA. Lucky me:)

Answer #10

same! :D

Answer #11

I had a really nasty sunburn and googled ways to deal with the pain. I ended up finding better answers on here than on Yahoo! Answers, so I figured I’d stick around.

Answer #12

I had a question and the first link was funadvice lol I looked at the people’s advice n was like um that’s pretty good advice lol then I just clicked on other questions n thought this was a neat site.

Answer #13

from tree… yup ,, senses piling upon

Answer #14

got stung by a bee, and the itching took FOREVER to go away… googled a question about it and it led me here.

Answer #15

I was a Y/A! refugee, as many others were around the time I signed on.

Answer #16

I typed in a question on google and it brought me here, I’m so happy it did cuz I love it here :-)

Answer #17

my mother is Colleen Ludgate, shes an advisor on this website and she told me about it, it sounded interesting so i joined :)

Answer #18

I got bored with I just wish more people used FunAdvice. Wish there were more questions on FA.

Answer #19

I was looking for Christian screamo bands lol

Answer #20

I googled various questions about…I can’t remember, but I came across this website then kept coming across it and decided to join up

Answer #21

I was looking for how to take care my infected ear that i ripped from stretching problem and FA came up been hooked on it ever since :D

Answer #22

Me too :D

Answer #23

My friend said to login to FA its very interesting & fun with lotsa friends, so i logged in , i love this site . :-)

Answer #24

wow, seems like everyone joined here cuz it came on google.:D ayushi joined it cuz she was searching for something on google and FA came up..then she was so addicted, i decided to join too :DD

Answer #25

i was googling an this site poped so i made an acount to lol a pepoles tarded questions

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