Funadvice Spellcheck?

I have read some questions that have TERRIBLE spelling and grammar. Is there any chance of getting a spell-check feature for this site?

Answer #1

I also agree with fruitylicious, it’s not our job to correct people’s spelling, plus some people access this site from the cell phones which sometimes makes correct spelling impractical.

Answer #2

I think there is a sort of spell check on here that changes words wrote in short hand into proper words, because once I wrote people as p-p-l and it was changed.

Answer #3

As you type, if you use Firefox (free web browser, faster than Internet Explorer) it will highlight any misspelled words & enable you to fix them with a simple right click.

I know, that doesn’t solve the problem completely (clearly, otherwise, the spelling would be better) however, with a spell checker, we have two options: make it optional (which, if people care, they generally do a good job currently) or we make it compulsory, which would reduce the volume of questions & answers if we saw misspellings…

So, it’s definitely something to consider more…and if I see members spelling horribly, repeatedly, I typically drop them a note :)

Answer #4

ieSpell Checker

A FREE Spell Checker for Internet Explorer – lets you check your spelling before submitting your Questions, Answers or other information on Internet sites. It places an icon on your IE Toolbar that makes spell-checking a snap. It suggests alternate spellings when it thinks you have made an error. It also lets you add words to its vocabulary.

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Answer #5

I know some questions are hard to read and all, BUT I think users should be able to type or write in the style they are comfortable with… …not everyone has the privilege to have a good education etc.

personally I applause users who have the courage to type their questions out… even thought he or she cannot string two sentences together, at least they are trying so why should we “knock” them…a spell-checker or grammer tool may not be useful for them anyway..

it would be awful if they got shy and retrieved back into their shells and never ask questions again and that would be our lost :(

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