Why is FunAdvice one of the slowest reacting web pages on my computer?

I have above average broadband speed of over 11 Mbps but FunAdvice sometimes makes is feel to me like I am on slower broadband speed. Most other websites for me are really snappy and instant but on FunAdvice when I click on things is noticeable slower.

Answer #1

Same, it is worse on the mobile phone so I tend to give up if it takes too long as I get charged by my phone carrier to surf F.A.

Answer #2

Surprisingly mine is sometimes faster on my Iphone. Specially if I use Wi-Fi or 3G. If I am on Edge celll phone speed then is a little slower but that is expected.

Answer #3

I have a Nokia N8, it doesn’t lag but only on this site especially if I”m trying to upload a photo. I can access FB and MSN through an app for free so that is all that matter really.

Answer #4

im getting around quite nippy on fa.

i do get times when teh page will pause, this is when ppl continue to press submit and end up asking teh same thing 10 times but ive found when it does pause a refresh gets it going again.

but erm, i get around quite quick i do…

Answer #5

Wut!!!!! You have an N8?!! Damn…….That’s one hot phone.

Answer #6

Is exactly like that to me but only here. Other sites is instant. Here I have to wait a few seconds when I click on things and sometimes more and then I have to refresh and it comes out fast.

Answer #7

LOLLL yes I do have a Nokia N8, cost almost as much as an Iphone 3 (32G) but it was worth it. Hold on, I will see if I can upload my mobile phone.

Answer #8

Ben, here is my Nokia N8

Answer #9

Actually the photo isn’t very clear, I will see if I can upload via my profile photo album.

Answer #10

I was gonna get one but my cell phone company had a good deal on the Iphone so I went with the Iphone. Did you see the movie Tron? The N8 is used in the movie to hack into this security location.

Answer #11

No, I haven’t seen Tron but will now. :-) Thanks for the info.

Answer #12

Ok…is there any particular page type that is slow for you, OR is it the whole site?

I just looked at our reports and the profile pages, when we did a big upgrade 5 days ago, got a ton slower…eg, going from about 570 miliseconds to 5400 miliseconds.

Other pages, for the most part, are “lightening fast”…we even use a benchmarking tool that says we’re in the top 62% of websites for speed.

But the profile is definitely an issue…any other details on speed would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #13

for me its just now and then when ill get a pause but no particular page/s

Answer #14

I find that accessing user’s profiles is always the slowest page to load, myself.

Answer #15

I think for me also. But not always. You click on a user, then the pop up comes out then you click on the name and it just sit there for a bit longer than in the past. But it changes during the day sometimes fast sometimes it lags a bit.

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