How do I get my FunAdvice pictures off of Google images?

Answer #1

i have no idea it sucks though

Answer #2

They’re on google?? O_O omg so are mine…

Answer #3

haha! yup

Answer #4

yeah creepy O_o I saw and i was like $h!t!

Answer #5

wow you can basically look up any member and see complete interaction with other people. Does this mean the internets not safe? :O

Answer #6

so you guys seem to be pros at this….is it easier to get an answer to your question if you post it in “Questions” or as a “status update”?

Answer #7

You get faster answers as a status, better answers at a question.

Answer #8

I have pictures on google images.. but their not linked to funadvice their linked to facebook.. Did you guys look up your full nake or just your username on here?

Answer #9

what he said^

Answer #10

i looked up ‘ellie-bear funadvice’ and all my pics came up and a few of stefies which i had commented on :)

Answer #11

yep same.

Answer #12

well i didnt look up ‘ellie-bear’ lol, i looked up merlin funadvice and bam.

Answer #13

I belivee you can find a way to contact google or report them and say how your a minor and they might be able to take them down for you. If not try makeing your account private, or deleting the pictures

Answer #14

Wow, were celebs. That’s really weird.

Answer #15

haha obviously, it would be weird if your pictures popped up when you searched ellie bear O_o

Answer #16

ah thats too long, i’d rather just leave it. haha

Answer #17

your pic showed up when i typed in merlin the funadvice. one i had commented on previously.

Answer #18

Well when I typed in ‘The Leeks’ I got a bunch of leeks on my page hehe :3 but when I typed in Lizzie_2410 I got 2 pictures of me and the rest were of people I don’t know videos I have on here and some of my school friends haha

Answer #19

oh god x_x

Answer #20

Holy crap just typed in Leeks the sporadic spotted caribou and god loads of my photos and photos I’ve commented on here too. o.o

Answer #21

Hahaa, well the ‘Leeks’ thing is understandable, and same, i just get a load of my pics and some other random cr@p which has nothing to do with me :’)

Answer #22

I got a picture of a pregnant woman. YEY! haha

Answer #23

we are so doomed.

Answer #24


Answer #25

Wait your funadvice pictures go on google ? =/

Answer #26

im not sure, but mine are?

Answer #27

Ekk, so are mine =/

Answer #28

This is so creepy. I hate it. If you delete your picture on funadvice, does it delete it from google images???

Answer #29

i have no idea :L I was wondering the same thing!

Answer #30

you dont understand how much I dont want them up. I dont have bad pictures… but this still creeps me out so much! I didnt use my full name, and “Bethany funadvice” pulls up all my pictures, my pictures from when they were my profile picture, any picture of other people’s that I commented on. At first its like just a few of me.. then show more results and theres more! and i mean, even my facebook pictures are spread around on the internet like other than through funadvice im not google or bing image-able. this bothers me….

Answer #31

check if you are on bing images or yahoo images too.

I am. 8(

Answer #32

They will not be deleted of Google images even if you delete the pictures and even if the admins here delete your whole account!! For that you would have to go to Google as it is in their cache. There is a process to have them removed and is a little bit elaborate as it has to be done for each picture and then you have to wait for Google to do their part. Just one more excuse to not use your real name on FA.

Answer #33

I didn’t think Funadvice and Google images are linked. I know when you are on Facebook and if you allow your name to be searched, then anyone who knows your first and surname can search for you and see your profile photo.

Answer #34

OMGGG our photos we upload on Funadvice appears on Google image. If you type your photo caption or title your photos will appear. That is really, really bad as we never got asked if we wanted our photos to be plastered around the world.

Answer #35

It would have been nice if FA told members if we uploaded our photos, the photos will be included in Google images. That is pretty bad and I’m so glad I come across this question.

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