What was everything like when FunAdvice was originally made?

What was everything like, how was it different? Just curious aha

Answer #1

We were like cavemen in the old days, the warrior men hunted, the terrains were fierce with dinosaurs etc

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i dont know that is a good question i am thinking more than 10 yrs cause some ppls questions r from 9-10 yrs ago

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Id assume worse than it currently is.

Answer #7

I don’t know about originally, but before this site layout, we had backgrounds on our profiles (which slowed things down) and there were a ton of different groups, which was the reason why I joined. I know they’ve been planning for a long time to bring groups back, but thus far they have not been put back up. Also, on the old FunAdvice, I don’t think there was as much of a community sense as there is now. Because now I find it a lot easier to find more people and expand beyond my ‘groups’ …:)

Answer #8

Here’s one of the earliest images I can find of FunAdvice … about 5 years ago at least - Jeremy or Ericson may have some earlier screenshots. Anyway, this is the homepage.

Answer #9

earliest one looks wierd

Answer #10

I agree, looks kinda weird

Answer #11

The community, was…quite more active to my appearances.. Not as many trolls either..but now it’s the same activeness, and more viewers ;3

Answer #12

yeah the groups were cool :3

Answer #13

i used funadvice a few years ago. instead of followers it was friends. i liked the friends better but followers is more mature and better fits the aim of the site. i came on funadvice to talk to friends more then to ask questions.

Answer #14

aw the good old days lol

Answer #15

xD remember the RAWR means i love you group

Answer #16

It was so great back then! I had a different FunAdvice account (aznsk8er) and I think I was super active in about ‘08. We could customize our profiles with different colors and move things around. The members seemed more together to me. I had many great friends that I constantly talked. There was a girl name Stephanie who gave great advice and a ton of it! We could thumbs up or thumbs down answers. FunAdvice was like Facebook to me back then. I felt so close to a lot of the members. It was really nice. :)

Answer #17

*constantly talked to

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