users can't spell

I’m just curious: Why is it that about 90% of the participants on this website are lousy spellers? Is this what our America will be like, all over, in the next 10 to 20 years?

Check your spelling and grammar, for Pete’s sake! I learned a long time ago that people tend to be judgmental when they read something that was poorly written. It casts a dark shadow over the author.

So if you’re not smart, at least LOOK smart. Make a point to be a Bright America today!

Answer #1

your rite im sry for saying you guys were dorks!! ; (

Answer #2

Thought well stated. I second your statement. After a few seconds of trying my damnedest my eyes grow weary and I cannot read what people write to even consider giving them advice. We are NOT dorks. We only care somewhat about our intelligence level.

Answer #3

I don’t even have a problem with the occasional type-o. Where it DOES get ridiculous is when every other word slaughters the English language. If it’s about drafting a post, I can tell you that I type about 95 wpm, and sure–I make mistakes, but I catch them immediately and fix them on the spot.

Answer #4

Well Some People Just type very Fast And because Of this You tend to make errors Slower people can go back and correct there errors Also it matters who posted the question If they have a couple Unspelled words or grammar problems and didnt bother to go back correct them then Why should we???

Answer #5

I’m pretty sure it’s because the main age group is still in Highschool. Or at least act like it. lol

Remember how you spelled when you were 12-15 ? That’s how they spell.

Answer #6

its not really spelling mistakes that bother me, even poor grammar doesnt annoy me, but when people write something of here and you have no idea what they are talking about is what kills me. People need to learn how to articulate their thoughts better.

Answer #7

well dah you dorks it called abrieviating!gosh STUPID!!!maybe you should just loosen up a little bit wait no, you should loosen up A LOT A BIT!!

Answer #8

Because they just don’t care I guess - its rather annoying. I mean if they have a spelling problem they could at least get spell check to help them out. I know once I get typing I generally screw up a few words so I have spell check to catch them for me. Its really a great tool and people should be taking advantage of it.

I love writing and the English language. :)

Answer #9

Wow! Great feedback, and so quick! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the English language should be treated kindly. :)

Cheers! Hitman

Answer #10

I have no problem with abbreviating, “nickjonsluvr”. By the way did you mean to abbreviate the word “abbreviating”? Just wondering because your spelling and grammar were both off while making your point.

I enjoy the discussion on this website. There are many good answers to questions that really mean something to the people posing them. Believe me when I say, I’m probably the “loosest” guy you’ll ever meet where I live. :)

How are YOU doing? Good and loose? Live by example, and make it a great (and loose) day!

PS: How’s the weather in Fowler? It’s been nice over here in Flint.

Answer #11

Maybe, but they just don’t proof read.

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