Why did funadvice change?

I really dislike this new theme/layout they have. It’s so confusing and weird, they basically copied Yahoo Answers. Did they delete all of my previous questions/advice? If not, then where the heck can I find it! Did they also delete all of my photos except my current default?

Answer #1

So many people were begging for change that the owners decided it was time to listen. So, for several months, users had the chance to give their input on what they wanted and vote on the best options - this was the result. The only changes that were put into place were the options that the users asked for.

Answer #2

Maybe they thought it was for the best ? I don’t know , i spent like 20 seconds clicking on the home button before i realsied there was a questions bar lol , but I agree this isn’t the best layout , I wish that it could go back to normal :(

Answer #3

Oh, and previous submissions are not gone…your photos should still be accessible on your profile page and your questions can be found via the search tool (they are working on getting that back on the profile page as well). As with all new things, a little time is needed to clear out the bugs.

Answer #4

Everything changes. If FA never changed, it would be/look prehistoric…imagine you weren’t a member before, I think the new layout is more up to date with popular networking/social sites and way more eye-catching. Things can and will be improved, but I think this is a move in the right direction.

Answer #5
  1. We didn’t copy anybody :) (I worked at Yahoo, and initially helped do some work internally on their q&a product…and, I owned & co-founded FunAdvice a few years before they had a q&a site).

  2. Points were a feature in the product from 2003-2004, roughly…they’ve been gone a while, but, we finally brought them back :)

  3. Videos in-line in answers? Yahoo doesnt have that, last I checked, nor do they have followers :) Nor do they an integrated feed of multiple content types on their profiles, or other pages.

  4. Status updates? Those are very different in Yahoo and our product (same as ours are different from twitter & facebook).

  5. Can we make it better? Yes, but…if we had poiished it for another month before releasing, it still would have had bugs, and functional issues. We’re fixing things daily still, and will continue to do so.

Then, our process will work much like the last one: test, iterate, measure, modify and repeat.

If enough people want something, in the end, we do it…that’s what we’ve been doing for seven years already and that’s what we’ll continue doing :)

Answer #6

Okay, my main question wasn’t about how you and yahoo answers are different, but where are the previous questions i asked/answered before this change? :/

Answer #7

Use the site search with @soblonde6 and then a word or phrase from a question or answer you posted…we’re working on making a new link on profiles to show those more easily, it’ll take a few more days though.

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