Funadvice change the name to something like fun community

Someone asked a question about twitter and it got me thinking. funadvice is more user friendly yet twitter is so popular. if you were to change the name to something like fun community it might get bigger. when people see fun advice it would appear that it is exculisve to just questions and answers when it is very social as well. just a thought.

Answer #1

Let’s see:

  1. Twitter was on Oprah, the Ellen Degeneres show, the View and more.

  2. Daily, every major tech publication runs a dozen+ stories on twitter…multiply those journalists (or bloggers) by 1,000,000 and you can see why twitter is popular.

  3. Twitter raised a bunch of money, over 100 million in fact…we have raised zero outside capital. As a result, the “old money” and “traditional ways of doing business” pundints would LOVE to see twitter make good…where, FunAdvice, with our zero outside investment, started by zero old money (and lacking old money connections) well, media people would rather pretend we don’t exist.

On name changing? Well, we’ve never given it a thought, to be honest…however, if we were mentioned on CNN every day, 20 times by Larry King, Anderson Cooper, etc, and Oprah invited me to her show…well, I’d be willing to bet lunch that we’d be bigger than twitter in six months, if those things were to happen.

:) And yes, we are, first & foremost, an “advice” site…secondarily, we have all this other stuff. In the US market, at least, there are perhaps 100 million, give or take, people that visit or participate on question / answer sites monthly…of those, we have “share” of about 3%, as we’ll have more than 3 million US unique visitors this month.

The largest companies have over half the market, and they share visitors with us, as there is a degree of overlap.

Facebook, on the other hand, reaches about 75% of the active US internet population, with 145 million or so visitors, outof the 190 million or so active US internet users…so, out of that number, we have roughly 1.5% share of the entire US market visiting our site once monthly as of this month.

If we “make plan” we’ll be the 3rd largest Q&A site in the US by year’s end…of course, we’re the 5th largest now, but, it’s a hard slog building market share :)

Answer #2

Actually you have a point alk. I just like the design of this site and thought it would be great as a social networking.

Answer #3

ya you may be right. =/

Answer #4

I had a little think about this and started off thinking that it was a brilliant idea. But then I remembered seeing admin saying somewhere that funadvice is first and foremost an advice/Q&A site.

If you did change the name to fun community or something similar would make it more of a social networking site.

Then I though, why not have a like twin site, upon arrival on the site you pick whether you want to go to the advice section or social section, one account controls both and user pages are still very similar.

My conclusion is, I’m not sure.

Sorry for the long answer that lead nowhere, lol.


Answer #5

well I like how it’s just for advice and you can still b social on here with the mail and friends and your profile

Answer #6

I agree, fun community suits this site better than funadvice. it is a community and we all communicate. great idea!!!

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