What are some fun websites?

hey, what are some fun websites to go to when you bored at skoo, keeping in mind a social site/a social site/addictinggames are all blocked

Answer #1

Well… If You Go On : www.bebo2nd.com Its The Same As Bebo But It Isnt Blocked. Also Here Are A Few More :

www.notdopler.com - Game site www.miniclip.com - Game site www.mousebreaker.com - Game site www.youtube.com - Music site

Hope These Help (:

Answer #2

I think this still works… if you go to www.vtunnel.com it unblocks websites. I used to do it in highschool when I was in the computer lab. check if it works.

Answer #3

Greetings, Most schools don’t even allow students to use computers for non-educational reasons, why don’t you study instead, I’m in the 7th grade, and when I’m bored, I confuse myself on purpose with Einstien’s theory of relitivity, I took health last semester, and I learned I stuff that will make me a better person for the community, when people pass by me in halls, they say “Hi” because I’ve made a positive impact on my society, not by playing games, but by going to Wikipedia.

Fun time should not be at school, it should be at home, after you’ve done your homework, and studied, I mean most people don’t study as much as me for 7th grade, but school time, is not game time.

If websites like Addictinggames.com are blocked, all your doing is cheating, and lying. There are no other words for it, you said yourself above, that sites like Addictinggames.com are blocked, so it’s lying if yuor trying to navigate around that rule. And your not making a very positive impact on your society this way.

-phil2611, I’m sorry man, I’m not about to help you work around the rules so you can skip studying.

Answer #4

…um studying is for hometime, cramming is proved not to work very well, and studying does get really bored for regular people. sorry but u sound like a nerd, kids with smart minds can play games, pay attention and get A’s all at the same time, those kind of people are called me and my friends and its not cheat or lying if you still learn. and school time is your life its what your gonna deal with in the real world. its a mini world. and you have to know when its time to work but when its time to play, its proven that once u study you need to relax the mind and have fun. and having fun has no impact on how smart people are. einstien played games to and he didnt study 24-7

-sorry man but you sound like a non educated nerd and i really dont feel like wasting my time presenting a real argument for you so the above is a whole bunch of scattered thoughts

Answer #5

well a good MMORPG is Runescape but a nice message board is Pojo.biz. you cant talk about mostly anime and games like that but they have a general section too.

Answer #6

try clubpenguin.com, banghowdy.com,and if u r really bored like me try nick.com cartoonnetwork.com and disneychannel.com

Answer #7

yo dude, I do the same thing at school too. just go to an educational site first then use the minimize bar then go to studentfreestuff.com go to the bottom click on online games go to page 16 and then you can play all the games on that site(about 300 games) on one page and when the libarian walks by click on the max bar for the educational site at the bottom.

Answer #8

hay perfspot.com is a lot like myspace and so is hi5.com. also if you like message boards and forums and stuff, go to meez.com

Answer #9

Depends on what you consider fun - myself, i read stuff like techcrunch / mashable / webmasterworld regularly, and some other sites such as searchblog, etc, for “fun”. If you post something more specific, like are you looking for something like nickjr.com (my kids like that one, great site for games, etc) uptoten.com is also good for kids - they have games as well. Other than those, I can’t think of any off hand…you can also try searching for some ideas on a search engine, but if you provide more detail in your question (or a follow up) then somebody could give you better advice.

Answer #10

http://www.virtualpetlist.com you can find lots of virtual pet sites there.

Answer #11

www.bored.com www.dumb.com www.king.com

they are pretty fun websites

Answer #13

coolcamels.com is AWESOME!!! My camels name is Clover so mail me if you can :)

Answer #14
  • playlist.com
  • clubpenguin.com
  • fantage.com
  • millsberry.com
  • dizzywood.com
  • coalgames.com
  • agame.com
  • flonga.com
  • whyville.com
  • gaia.com
  • miniclip.com
  • onemorelevel.com
  • sketchfu.com IF YOU’RE A GIRL…
  • girlslife.com
  • girlsense.com
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