Fun truth or dare questions for an all-girls sleepover?

my friends Kenzie, Jemia, Lindsay, and Shannon are all coming over to spend the night, what are some good Truth or Dare questions?

*T or D websites would be gr8, anything other then*

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I dare you to tell your crush that hes cute
I dare you to put a note in your crush's locker

What are good Truth or Dare questions?
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well for dares be all...

I dare yo next time you see___ the guy that girl likes) tell him he looks fine.
you know just like have fun with it I guess. hope this helped.

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Truths..Ask ...
1) Give yourself a rating out of 10 for your looks
2) For each person in the room say whether you would-
*Marry them
*Kiss them
*Push them off a cliff
3) Which celebrity of the same sex do you have a crush on or would want to kiss?
4) What part of your body would you most like to change?
5) Have you ever had a crush on a member of the same sex?
6) What's the most embarrassing/stupid thing you've ever done?
7) Do you have any embarrasing 'pet' names that your family call you?
8) Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

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To go around your neighborhood at midnight and scream I LOVE BALLS

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just be like I dare you to go outside naked... or be like I dare you to knock on the next neighbors door and ask them if they have any --- (something embarresing like a pad or tampon or something) be creative... maybe mix up something really gross and dare somebody to eat it or something... most of all be creative and have fun!!

hope I helped at least little bit!!!

Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!
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me and my friends play all the time and we do stuff like these are just some

hump the wall
make out with the wall
pole dance
hump person next to you
spin the bottle(instead of kissing humping)
eat something of other players stomach
stick ice cube down bra underwear
kiss player next to you
get bra and underwear from parents(put on giant animal)
stuff your bra
pee your pants
make out with stuffed animal
run through the house and scream the British are coming
wear parents bra and stuff it with tissues
sing and do really fun dance
eat a bug
ask a boy random question
climb tree
lick tree
shake butt outside
if parent is asleep run into there room and scream
duct tape two people together and make the hump
tape somebody to the wall
mix a lot of stuff together and drink
lick other player
I dare you to dare somebody else
tell stranger they have something in the teeth

who do you like
have you kissed the same sex as you
what is your weirdest dream
do you pick your nose(8when is the last time)
do you want to go skinny dipping

would you rather
jump off a building or kiss the person you hate the most
kiss a monkey or a fat person
skinny dip or go naked to school
chew somebody gum or die
tell stranger they have something in there teeth or die

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I dare you to eat a lizard lol dont but I dont care

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dare: play with opposite sex pantie lines.

truth: if I was a food, what would I be and how would you eat me?

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it kinda depends on whether your interested in a sexual experience with them or not... if so then do things such as 7 min in heaven or body shots... unless your afraid of drinking... then just eat food off each other, and keep going lower and lower from their head down... if your into the prude version, then just do things that you wouldnt ask them outside of your little group... ask them to do things that they might later regret... but just be careful for karma!!!

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dare- run around outside naked
dare- call your boyfriend/crush and tell them there sexy
dare- go ding dong ditch someone by your self
truth- rate everyone on there looks
truth- rate everyone in order as you like them
truth- have you ever liked one of afe boyfriend's
truth- do you feel like you fit in with us

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1.Give the person next to you a hanging wedgie
2.Run around your yard in NOTHING not even undies and scream Look at me and turn on you lights!!! Look at my boobs!
3.Take all you clothes off (even bra and undies) and parade around your neighborhood screaming "I love Bananas! Look at me! Look at me look at me! Come out! Take my picture! My name is:(your name)"
4.mash up bananas and stick it in your bra and go to school like that.
5. Poop in your pants and tell your mom and dad to clean it up for you and tell them "I need to wear diapers again because I am not potty trained anymore!"
6. One person pees in their pants and another person needs to lick it.
7. Go to the supermarket and buy a pack of diapers. One person puts it on and pee in it.

perform a really embarrasing dance naked in front of the school or spend the whole day naked no undies or bra.

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 Climb onto the roof
 Prank Calls
 Run around the front yard in your underwear
 Random makeover- blindfold two people get a bunch of makeup and give each other makeovers
 Go swimming at 3am
 Have a pillow fight and post it on You tube
 Ding Dong Door Ditch
 Twilight Quiz if you don’t know the answer or get an answer incorrect you have to take a drink.
 Experiment- Touch each other, best kisser, bigger boobs, ect.
 Make over!
 Truth or Dare
 Watch Movies
 Play computer games
 Karaoke
 Cooking
 Board Games
 Strip Poker
 Food Fight
 Dive Bomb- Stand on one arm, someone yells “Dive Bomb!” and let yourself fall head first into a pile of cushions.
 What the hell is that?- Pour disgusting liquids into 3 cups, blind fold a victim and make them drink what is in the 3 cups.
 7 Minutes in Heaven- 2 people go into a closet (usually a boy and a girl), and the guy can do whatever he wants with you for seven whole minutes (usually sexual related stuff like kissing)
 Bull (insert bad word here)- the card game
 Ha! - Rest your head on someone's stomach and have that person that your head is on say the word "Ha" This makes their stomach move and it can be very funny.
 Piggy-Everyone is hidden in their sleeping bags so they cant be seen except for one person who leaves the room (they cant look into the room at all) Then, everyone crawls into different peoples sleeping bags so no one can see who they are. When everyone is hidden, the person will come in and tap on someone’s sleeping bag, the person in the sleeping bag must say "Piggy" in a weird voice so it’s hard to tell it’s them. Then the person has to guess who is in each sleeping bag. It’s a really fun game!
 Manhunt: (kind of like hide and seek)
One person starts out being "it" while everyone else hides. Then when that person is finished counting, she tries to look for everyone else and tag them. Instead of the game being over when someone is tag, the person that got tagged is also it. This means there are two people who have to find everyone else. Then more and more people will get tagged and join the group of "it" people. The first person tagged it the first person to count next game.

(The experiment one just creeps me out! Who the (bad word) sugested it on that other site, ewww)

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Truth: Who Is Your Crush?
Truth: What Would You Do If Your Crush Fell Off A Cliff?
Truth: What Would You Do If I Saved Your Life?
Truth: Rate Everyone How Pretty They Are.
Dare: Dress Up As A StereoType That You Aren't For The Evening.
Dare: Go Up To Someone Else In The House & Start Singing To Them.
Dare: Prank Call The Person's Crush.
Dare: Run Outside & Scream Their Crush/Boyfriend Name
Dare: Go Next Door & Ask Them For A Tampon Or Something Embarresing.

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if you were a boy who would you date
eat something like salt
have another player do your makeup blindfolded
do 20 push ups
act like king kond for 1 minuit
do the chicken dance
trade your cloths with the person next to you
take off your shirt (skippable)
who was your first crush
what is the weirdest dream you have ever had
whats the first thing you would do if you were invisable
have you ever had a crush on a teacher and withch one

sorry if thair not what uve been looking for I dident have that many im reaserching truth and dares too cas me and my mates are spending a night in london so bibi hope I helped doubt it bi

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for dares something likee...
1) Put a love note in your crushes locker
2) Next time you see your boyfriend kiss him right away without saying "hello" or anything like that
1) When did you stop picking your nose?
2) Have you ever played (number) minutes in heaven? if yes, with who, and for how long?

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