Fun things to do while camping

So im going camping tomrrow with my family, and one friend. We are going for 5 days, and I want to know what are some fun things that we can do, so that we dont end up getting bored?

Ps its right by the ocean, but we dont have a boat

Answer #1

Have you heard of the game Mad Gab? You can get it from like Wal Mart. It is words that are all scrambled up and you have to figure out what it says.

Example… I mull a machine Answer… I’m a love machine You have to kinda say it fast but that game is way fun. It will make you laugh your butt off! Have a great time

Answer #2
  • swimming in the ocean but not to far out.
  • tennis,cricket ect..
  • build a sand thing? like a sand car or somthing or a town
  • sunbave obv.
  • gaze at the stars at night
  • bored games,
  • camera take lots off pictures doing poses with diffrent things
  • games where you ask questions


Answer #3

play the “Would You Rather” game… It goes like… “ Would you rather blahblahblabbitty blah or would you rather blahblahfrigginblah”

yeah, idunno

Answer #4

I hope you r going camping near a lake then you might not get bored but you can always leave the bug spray at hope and then you wont get bored that easily

Answer #5

I would say bringing some outdoor games like a soccer ball. You could also fish or go tanning. At night you could build a fire a roast marshmellows and tell ghost stories. If you don’t like the outdoors or your friend doesn’t, I would suggest a board game or a deck of cards. You could also just kind of explore the area you are at and see what’s around. Maybe make friends with other campers nearby! Have fun!

Answer #6

Take some outdoor sports activities (not a lot, just a few things). One year I saw a family who had taken badminton rackets and some shuttlecocks and they just played it at the camp site. My sons, when they were younger, used to take a stomp rocket - have you seen them? And one year we got them little wind-up planes that could fly a few yards, and they had a laugh with them. So, they’re younger than you, but my suggestion is that you have the chance to go a bit crazy on one thing - sport, rockets, planes or whatever. Maybe boules, the French bowling game? It gives the camping trip a bit of a theme.

Answer #7

Bring a board game like apples to apples. It helps you to learn about your friends and family. I also suggest a book, something with a great plot line and rather a lot of pages. You can pick up some outdoor games at Family Dollar or Wal-Mart. Don’t forget a special bag for seashells and maybe some craft stuff to do projects with them.

Don’t forget extra film! It’s great to take tons of pictures and build them into a collage. Bring a lot more than you thing you are going to use, because it can kill time too.

Answer #8

watch the stars at night there truly amazing

Answer #9

you can have a bonfire, roast some smores, play game boards, truth or dare. that has to do with the wild. maybe stuff like that.

Answer #10

(dont for get bug spray)

Answer #11

go for a walk.

Answer #12

ghost stories

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