What to do for my 14th birthday party?

My birthday is in march, and I will be 14. What is a fun party idea for 14 year old girls and guys?

Answer #1

ok my birthday is wednesday and I will be 14 what should I do?

Answer #2

A beach theme party.

Answer #3

Does anyone nooo what ii caann doo with my two BESTEST mates? we are havin a sleep over but I dont know what else we can do , but on the next day we are going cinema with aloud more of my friends!

Answer #4

you could have a pool party, or party at a hotel, or a slumber party, or anywhere that you or your friends like =]

Answer #5

um.. happy birthday um.. a lot of people sed what ii was thinking lol.. um this is for the last comment just be4 this

ii think ther called > izzy + alison anyway she wanted dares.. lol

anyway type..

dares for teens

and a good website sh;d cum up..a and theer good ii had abt 100 dares + truths from em.. (:

good for girls + boys (-;

ii no I 14 this year and ii dno what to do )-:

anyway … hope this helped anyone :L


Answer #6

im having a combined partay with my friend who is 1 day older then me (were turing 14 this yr) and where going to go to the park & a sorta club thing and have party games and dancing and then where having a pool sleepover at her house and then the next day where going to invite sum guys to a park and play truth or dare exept where trying to find dares and truths but we cant find anything thats original that we havnt played or anything thats not boring or anything thats not to sexual!!! CAN someone HELP US WITH DARES FOR 14 YR OLDS MIXED GUY AND GIRLS THATS ORIGINAL NOT BORING AND NOT LIKE TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OF AND STUFF???

hope this helps your partay xx izzy alison

Answer #7

You should make the best of the situation. Make sure the people you invite are good friends. You could do a bunch of stuff for your party though;

  • turn in into a sleepover b-day party
  • makeovers
  • watch a bunch of movies!
  • truth or dare
  • “Bop-It” game (super fun!)
  • what ever else is fun that you like to do. Remember this is your party. Have fun!
Answer #8

erm I’m also 14 on the 8 th of july and I was thinking about having a sleepover. To reply to xxxkxxx you could watch horror movies, chocolate fountain, face masks and just games like truth or dare

Answer #9

My Birthday Is In 6 Day 16th Of January I Am Turning 14 I Am Allowed 2 People To Stay Over But What Can I Do …

Answer #10

I am aking the same thing because I’m going to be 14 on july the 8th any ideas?

Answer #11

Here is an idea for anyone …ask your parents for a few little things then ask them for some money… Then go to the mall with a few friends and shop for a couple hours then go eat dinner get an icecream then all have them go to the movies and after that go home and sleepover and do sleepover stuff…hope it helped XD

Answer #12

Chocolate party Glow in th dak party Pool party Gypsy party

Answer #13

you could go to a neer by concert and have all of your friends met there and everyone pay for themselves then go out 4 dinner and have a true party or just go some where you dont often go.. hope it helped if not sorry but I dont know what you like.

Answer #14

I’m sorry I didn’t bother to look if someone else said this but you could have a pool party, a sleepover, and if you have a hot tub you could stay up all night in there LOL, you could also have a dance party where you can rent a club or if your house is big enough have it there and make your dance party a nightclub theme! (:

Answer #15

I think you should Hire a place to party like dusk or some where, then camp out. I will be fourteen soon, in November, I am going to get a limo hired and take me and my friends all the way round town then have a party and then camp out. The next day we are going to the cinema and down street. Happy Birthday, enjoy it.

Answer #16

Im going to have a sleepover/dance party thing. Some food could be chips and salsa, veggie tray, and pizza.

     Hope I helped!
Answer #17

I want to know the same thing!!! I’m trying to figure out what I should do with my 5 friends. We are all 13 except me my b day comes before all of them!

Answer #18

You could go out for a meal with a big group of friends and then watch a movie at your house and then let as many as are allowed, stay over. happy birthday :D

Answer #19


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