What is the most fun handheld gameconsole?

I do have an old PSP, but I know Nintendo have some stuff as well,, And does anyone know when the NEW portable Playstation will be out for sale?

Answer #1

I like sega game gear its old school game boy color is good too. or you can try PSP or a nintendo DS it really depends on what games you like to play

Answer #2

psp.. i love mine =p

Answer #3

I certainly liked my PSP better than my daughter’s DS. I haven’t seen the DS3. Sony is coming out with PSP’s successor the NGP which looks promising.

Truthfully I mostly play games on my iPhone now. My PSP has better games and better graphics but I always have my phone so I usually just play on that instead of lugging more electronics.

Answer #4

The individual trouser mounted seXbox 360mm Cockmaster Edition.

Answer #5


Answer #6

meh dont really like handheld’s…. PC all the way :P

Answer #7

I have a “gaming” PC with powerful GPU and CPU, and I have a PS3 and a PSP. Some games are better on PC, but not all. Plus, there’s just not all games that are made for PC, and when I ask about a handheld device it’s cuz I’m about to go on a long planetrip, and it would be kind of heavy to bring a huge PC on the plane :)

Answer #8

Yeah, I hope the NGP will be ready soon, cos I want that one. I’ve never tried any of the Nintendo stuff exept from the Wii, but I’m not shure if there’s a lot of good games for the DS series.

Answer #9

i like to say my psp

Answer #10

Obviously Gameboy colour.

Answer #11


Answer #12

The DS is nice for kids because there are tons of good kiddie games for it and the Gameboy Advance, the one we had folded down small, and the games on memory cards are indestructible (don’t ask about my DD scratching up my PSP disks, anyway, the PSP is getting away from the stupid optical disk which is a good thing). I got a PS3 for Xmas. Absolutely amazing and I understand that none of the games out there exploit all of its potential since it is harder to develop games than other platforms. I spent many hours vegging out playing Gran Turismo 5. I need to quit getting involved because I already destroyed one controller. I have a wheel ordered.

Answer #13

Gameboy Advance SP anyone? :)

Answer #14

i LOVE my ipod touch! but that’s basically my only handheld gaming device i own besides an acient gameboy advanced that i haven’t played in ages….anyone want it haha? serious lol I like the ipod touch (i have the newest 4g) because i usually do simulation games through the internet where you acually communicate with other pplz haha…it makes it more fun :)

I’m not into all the gaming stuff..more music so sorry if i sound like i dont know what im talking about (cause i dont) haha

Answer #15

Ha ha :) Good man! I’ve just ordered a wheel for my PS3 myself. I also bought the “Little Big Planet” game, and even if it looks very childish, it’s totally addictive, and superfun! If you played “Donkey Kong” and those types of game, you will like it.

Answer #16

I really don’t like the iPod touch or the iPhone. I used to have a iPhone, but i sold it. The other kind of iPod, the 80 GB ones are cool.

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