What are some fun card games?

I love playing cards with the boyfriend, his brother and his brothers girlfriend. We tend to play alot of 500 and it would be good to get some ideas of other games as well if anyone has any. Im not very imaginative with this sort of thing! Games that are played with partners would be especially good as me and Michelle like to gang up against the boys. We usually win too!

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oooh bridge could be fun!

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I dont really know…I never played it…but i know it is a card game…so it touch…not sure if it is fun either…I guess it is who you are playing with that really makes it fun…what is fun to one may not be fun to another…at your age I didnt find cards to be fun period…but hey what ever floats your boat!

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bluff master is my all time favorite game,its so much fun to play…minimum four players,a deck of card.The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible and you must be good at bluffing for this. Suppose you have only one ace but you want to take risk and get rid of two cards at once. Keep one ace and one any other card face down on the table and say ‘Two Aces’. If any player thinks that you are bluffing, he/she may challenge you and ask you to show the cards. If you have really bluffed, you will have to pick up all the cards in the discard pile and add it to their pack. Otherwise, they all go to other person’s pack. Next player may or may not have the aces. They may want to get rid of their aces (or just bluff their way through by saying that they are getting rid of their ace and take a risk of being challenged by playing another card) or may just say ‘Pass’, declaring that they don’t have an Ace. One may also bluff on number of cards, though it has greater risks of being challenged. This is that you may say that you are playing ‘Two Kings’ though you may actually add three cards to the pile of which two are kings and third one is another card from your pack. If no one catches you, even if you are challenged, you may show your two kings and let the challenger pick up the whole pile of cards for their pack. After everybody is done with aces, you may continue with kings, queens, jacks, tens and so on. The first person to get rid of all their cards is called the ‘Bluff Master’ and is the winner of the game!

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that is how we play bullsh!t…I guess there are different names for it…on;y difference is you can have as many players as you want…that is what makes it bullsh!t!

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that is how we play bullsh!t…I guess there are different names for it…only difference is you can have as many players as you want…that is what makes it bullsh!t!

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sorry doub post bad lagging!

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i didnt write the maximum numbers of players,i also play with more than 4 people…

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it’s really fun! :P

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Up and Down the River. It’s a drinking game.

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I grew up playing a card game called nuts. Each person has their own separate deck to use. you set up your cards like regular solitaire. One difference is after you set that up you count out and extra seven cards with the top card flipped over for your nuts pile. When everyone is ready you start playing just like its solitaire except you can play on everyone elses cards in the middle. (you need to make sure everyones deck has different design and/or color) The object of the game is to get as many cards in the middle and to get rid of your nuts pile first. When you play the last card from your nuts pile you yell nuts and everyone has to stop. (you can’t stack cards on the nuts pile like you do with your other cards) After all the cards in the middle are sorted out you count them. The person who went nuts gets all the points they got in the middle. One card equals one point. The players that still had cards in their nuts pile have to count them and every card counts five points against them. If you have three cards left you have to have at least 15 cards in the middle to get to zero, any cards above 15 is your score, if you only have say 12 cards you will have a -2 score. The game continues until a person has reached 100 points. If you have any questions and want to play just ask. :)

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I meant if you have 12 cards you have a score of -3. :)

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@rach: ok ive posed this here cus i can add a vid….

its a easy game to play normally only kids play it now but when youve had a few its really fun.. haha you devide the cards equaly between 2 or more players with teh faces down. then 1 by 1 you place the cards face up on the table. teh rules change from place to place. but their easy anyway.. if me and you are playing and i put a ace down and then you put an ace down thats a snap and its the quickest person to cover the cards on teh table with their hand 1st.. now eithr you win teh cards or i have them so you can play it the person that get the most cards wins or teh person that gets the least wins

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Hey I think I used to play this in one of my classes in school. We called it spit though! It is really fun… I love card games, used to play them all the time. :)

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weeeelllll this wouldent be considerd a card game buuut its fuuun throwing cards

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Uno is a fun game but you have to buy a deck of uno cards and there are other unigue card games that you need the deck for them (sold in stores)

Strip Poker is fun too but not with family because that’s just wrong. Maybe with just you and your boyfriend would be better.

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