FTW and BCS?

What do these mean???

Answer #1

FTW is “For the Win” (It’s used in gaming a lot).

BCS I believe is “Best Case Scenario”. But it depends on the context.

Answer #2

yea, um bc is because

Answer #3

How did they use this FTW?… BCS! I think Because…

Answer #4

FTW Face the World FTW Families Than Work FTW Feel The Wind FTW Feel the Wrath FTW Fight to Win FTW Florida Tax Watch FTW Flying Training Wing FTW For the Weak FTW For The Wii FTW For the Win FTW For the World FTW For Those Wondering FTW Forever Two Wheels FTW Forget The World (polite form) FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (Vienna, Austria) FTW Fort Wainwright, Alaska FTW Fort Worth Meacham Field (Airport Code) FTW Forward Towards Wing (Hattrick, online game) FTW Frank the Welder (mountain bikes) FTW Free the Weed FTW Free the Whales FTW Free The Wookies (humor) FTW Free Trade Wharf FTW Future Technology Workshop FTW Files and Settings Transfer Wizard


BCS Bachelor of Chemical Science BCS Bachelor of Commercial Science BCS Bachelor of Communication Studies BCS Bachelor of Computer Science BCS Back Course (aviation/avionics) BCS Backbone Circuit Switch BCS Background Condition Screening (equipment system health monitor) BCS Backplane Connector System BCS Baja California Sur BCS Balanced Cluster Service BCS Ballistic Camera Station BCS Ballistic Computer System BCS Bangladesh Civil Service BCS Bangladesh Computer Samity BCS Banking Communication Standard BCS Bar Code Scanner BCS Bar Code Sorter BCS Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer (superconductivity theory) BCS Barnard Castle School (UK) BCS Barycentric Coordinate System BCS Base Call Scoring (algorithm) BCS Baseline Comparison/Correlation System BCS Basic Cadet School BCS Basic Combined Set BCS Basic Combined Subset (ANSI & ITU-T) BCS Basic Communications Services BCS Basic Control System BCS Batch Change Supplement (AT&T) BCS Batch Command Set BCS Battalion Countermine Set (also seen as BCMS) BCS Battery Computer System BCS Battle Control System (replacement for the Control and Reporting Center, CRC) BCS Battlefield Computer System BCS Bayer Crop Science BCS Beam Congruency System BCS Because BCS Belgian Ceramic Society BCS Belgian Chemometrics Society BCS Bench Check Serviceable BCS Bengali Cultural Society of Kuwait BCS Berkhamsted Collegiate School BCS Bermuda Collectors’ Society (philatelic group) BCS Best Case Scenario BCS Better Computer Solutions, Inc. BCS BIDDS Control Subsystem BCS Binary Clocking Sequence BCS Binary Coded Signaling BCS Binary Compatibility Standard BCS Binary Synchronous Communication BCS Binghamton Simulator Co. BCS Biochemical Society (London, UK) BCS Biomass Combustion Systems (Canada) BCS Biopharmaceutics Classification System BCS Blacksburg Community Strings (Blacksburg, VA) BCS Block Check Sequence (GPRS Backward Error Correction) BCS Block Count Sheet BCS Board Certified in Securities BCS Board of Celtic Studies (University of Wales) BCS Body Cavity Search BCS Body Condition Score BCS Body Coordinate System BCS Body-Centered Tetragonal BCS Boeing Computer Services BCS Boeing Computer Systems BCS Boost Control Solenoid BCS Border Cargo Selectivity BCS Border Crossing System (Sprint) BCS Boston Computer Society BCS Boundary Condition BCS Bowl Championship Series (college football) BCS Bragg Crystal Spectrometer BCS Branch If Carry Set (6502 processor instruction) BCS Breakout Call Server BCS Brentwood College School (Victoria, British Columbia) BCS Brilliant Career School (Nazimabad Karachi, Pakistan) BCS British Cardiac Society BCS British Chemical Standard BCS British Clematis Society BCS British Computer Society BCS British Crime Survey (survey carried out by UK Home Office, since 1982) BCS Broadband Communications System BCS Broadcasting System BCS Bryan/College Station (Texas) BCS Budd-Chiari Syndrome BCS Buffer Compare Status BCS Building Cabling Systems (Department of Defense unified facilities criteria) BCS Building Control System BCS Buildings and Community Systems BCS Bulk Cash Smuggling BCS Bulk Change Supplement (Sprint) BCS Bulk Chemical Storage BCS Bullseye Communications System BCS Buoy Camera System BCS Bureau de Cooperation Suisse (French) BCS Bureau of Child Support (Wisconsin) BCS Bureau of Consumer Services BCS Burst Committed Size (Newbridge) BCS Business Communication Server (Hewlett Packard) BCS Business Communications Systems BCS Business Computer Solutions, Incorporated BCS Business Consulting Services BCS Business Continuity Support (HP) BCS Backup Control System BCS Band Combiner and Splitter BCS Basic Catalog Structure BCS Battery Charge Status BCS Bean Context Support BCS Block Control Signal BCS Boost Control System BCS Brake Cylinder Stopper BCS Branch on Carry Set BCS Brightness Contrast Saturation BCS Broadcast Control System BCS Business Control System BCS Business Critical Server BCS Business Critical Systems


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