How often do you tell your friends in real life about cool websites you've been to?

Since moving, I don’t have many friends in person that I share links with, but, I share them with family and friends via the computer (skype) or cell phone, etc. There are a few sites like Zillow that I know about fifty people started using it because I said you HAVE to see it, (in this case, because you can see what people bought their house for). The sites are generally useful, mindblowing or just amazingly well done with regards to why they were built. I’d guess I tell somebody, on the phone or in chat, about a new site once a week.

How about you?

Answer #1

Hmm, I don’t really discover new sites all that often, my friends ad I will often send each other photos, or videos, but not usually sites because not all of us use a computer that often.

Answer #2

Almost never. You see my friends and I have very different views on what is acceptable and I tend to be more liberal. Most of the site I visit (allthough not super controversial or pornographic) would not be found acceptable by the majority of them. Plus they won’t understand why I like being on the internet so much.

Answer #3

A lot

Answer #4

It depends on the websites and the friend. If it’s something In think they would enjoy, I would tell them almost right away. Other than that, in normal conversation, maybe once a week, I might say something like” hey, I’ve found this really great site”, you should check it out. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes not depending on what they like

Answer #5

I told them about this site and then they told me it looks like mostly teens are here and none of them joined because they are my age. It felt awkward.

Answer #6

i never told any of my friends really cool websites…eccept for FunAdvice :D

Answer #7

Usually, I share cool websites via the internet, on social-networking sites. I will either chat with a friend personally, or post a status.

However, I have told a few family members and friends about this site in person.

Answer #8

A actually not true. I’m the youngest of the founders (33) and am here all the time…if you look @ the leaderboard as well, it’s not just teens….

….however, if you read the love & relationships section, then ya, it’s mostly teens.

Answer #9

I don’t really tell people about other sites simply because I don’t actually go on other sites! I have Facebook, Fun Advice, Hotmail, Lookbook, Blogger, Trademe (nz ebay), Paypal, and my internet banking and that’s all I do online. Though I have told some people about Fun Advice!!

Answer #10

everytime ive got mates and that round they see me on 2 sites and that fa or our clans website..

99% of my mates dont use any type of site like this…. but hold on one of my yankie mates, miss california asked why i dont use fb anymore.. i will now go and tell her why :p

Answer #11

told… there you go ive told 1 person today so ive done my bit.

Answer #12

If I discover sites with good programs, music or movies to be downloaded fast, I put a link on my Facebook page.

Answer #13

I almost always share cool websites with my buddies. I either show them the website in person, or I give them a link through an email or facebook. I’ve been trying to convince my buddies to join FA, but none have so far :(

Answer #14

LOL, thanks.

Answer #15

I tell my friends about people I meet on line. Especially if they said something funny. Or if I experience any culture clash. I like those.

I only tell them about which forum or chat if they ask me about that.

Answer #16

no probs ;)

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