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I found a place on “” that was giving away all types of goodies and now I can’t seem to find the page anymore. I figured that maybe someone else here might have seen this before. Oprah is always giving away stuff to audience members and I couldn’t believe that she was doing it online. Her talk show is still one that my wife is addicted to. Oprah is a wonderful humanitarian and philanthropist. Has anyone seen this site and can you direct me to where on “” I might find it?

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Free is anything really free. Oprah is just a kind hearted woman who understands that to whom much is given much is required. She is just giving back from her heart because she has been blessed with so much. She just understands that we all need a little help every now and then; whether it is advice or cool stuff. Everyone should take a lesson from Ms. Oprah and give back; because my mother always said that nothing can come into a closed hand.

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I dont think oprah just gives things away

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oprah is awesome. I so admire her.

Answer #5

I know Oprah is giving away all the weight she has lost!!!!!!!! from Ellen Oneill in Ireland

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I don’t see where this question was ever given a legimate answer, yes or no and if so where

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If I was Oprah, I would read these comments. Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean she isn’t human just like we are. I think that everyone wants to know what others say about us. I think the only reason that she might not read this and other things written about her, is because most of it is good. On the other hand, if thre is a chance of just one negative thing, that’s just like a thousand to Oprah and other Aquarians such as me. I had to throw myself in there somewhere. I do wish she could hear MY story. Carol

Answer #9

I don’t know what the question was, but I would like to get in on some of the free stuff. When Oprah does the show where she hands out all kinds of items, Christmas Show? how do people become audience members? I’ve wanted to ask this question for a long time. It’s been a very rough year for me and attending this particular show would do wonders for me.

Answer #10

Oprah is the most kindhearted giving human being and for that she is blessed everyday. She shares what God has given her with people who do not have and in return God gives her more so that she may continue doing his work . I think Oprah is an angel sent by God to help us less fortunate people. To those who have been assisted by Oprah in any way I say to you , you are so blessed !!!. FAITH

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If she gave free stuff away to the kazillion of viewers, she would be as broke as the rest of us…. It’s awsome how much she has given already, for the kids here in the United States and in the third worlds of poverty. She is giving these poor souls the knowalage to do better by providing so much for them…

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Okay, I figured it out. They have removed the page and apparently she is giving away some huge amount of cash or something.

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Dear Oprah, I desperatly need some help. In the form of advice or monatary. My daughter (who has cognitive delays) is about to go to school and her father who molested her is going to kidnap her. I have all the documents and assessments to back me up - this is not a joke. He already took her 3 siblings and has tried once to kidnap her at school. I had her home schooled the last 2 years but she really wants to go to grade 12 this year. She has severe cognitive delays and I cannot afford to send her to a boarding school (which would keep her safe as her father (who is court ordered to have no contact with her - but keeps breaking that court order) keeps trying to get her. I am quite afraid of this fall and her going to school. I can give you my story of living with a psychopathic pedophile and then being granted sole custody of my 4 step-children (who I have raised alone for the past 8 years- until he broke the court order and contacted 3 of them - as child protection won’t intervene after they turn 16 - then alienatiated them against me - which was heart breaking). I need some help - either advice or something on how to keep my daughter who has severe cognitive delays from being kidnapped from him. Only a niave person thinks the police can stop him - they can’t. And I am worried that my daughter will go missing and no one will ever find her again and I don’t want this to happen. I could keep her out of school again but she really wants to go this year. How do I take chances with her life? It seems hopeless - how does a mother stop a train wreck from happening. I only contact you out of desperation and a tiny shred of hope for my daughters safety. I know you are a very smart person and have resources - I do not like charity - my concerns are for my daughter only. I want to keep her safe. Can you offer any solutions? Bless you Oprah Donna - my email is

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