Does anyone know any good FPS RPG Games for the PC?

Answer #1

I need a new game to play.. A single player one where I can do the campaign.. Not CoD or Borderlands!

Answer #2

If you can download .rar files, Nexuiz is a free FPS that I like to recommend. It has no RPG elements though, so it might not be what you are looking for. The single player mode is simply challenges and has no real story line.

If you’re looking for a lot of RPG element and a little FPS, Bioshock isn’t that bad.

Then my favorite video game of my childhood – Marathon. It has low graphics, but it is quite long with an indepth story and lots of shooting. It was made by Bungie, the same guys that did Halo, long before Halo came out. I think this one is free now too, and fits perfectly with what you’ve told me.

Answer #3

Well there is Dragon Age 2… AND!an amazing game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim looks insane! G on youtube check out the trailer! There is supposedly to finish the whole game will take around 200-300 hours… The story itself is 20 hours and there are side missions, quests, things you have to take over! It is in the top 10 most anticipated RPGs coming out! And I am not a big fan of RPGs. Also get Battlefield Bad Company 2! It’s already out! and awesome!!!

Answer #4

What about fallout 3 and oblivion?

Answer #5

Yeah but SKyrim is the next installment better to save up for that!

Answer #6

What about the first Dues Ex? I had fun with it. Second one not so much.

Answer #7

Thanks alot dude!.. I will go have a look at the trailer now! :3

Answer #8

Urgh, not Fallout!.. Not my type :\

Answer #9

Yeah, I will go check some of this out!.. Thanks a lot!.. Also, I LOVE Bungie. :3!

Answer #10

‘Nexuiz’ looks a bit like Quake.. Looks pretty awesome! :D

Answer #11

And Marathon is just like Doom.. Doom used to be my favorite! It was a legendary game!

Answer #12

Like people said before Elder Scrolls is an excellent series. Oblivion is still such a beautiful game, even though it’s been out for quite a while. Dragon Age: Origins is much better than Dragon Age II in my opinion, though I have a soft spot for Fenris. I also like Fable 3 (idk if it’s for the pc though, I play it on the Xbox 360) and Neverwinter Nights 2, it’s an older game though. And, for a final recommendation, The Witcher! I’ve never played it, but Sarah is obsessed with it.

Answer #13

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Answer #14

Thaanks, I tried BFBC 2 but it lags like hell.. :
I should be getting a new gaming pc soon so its all good when i have it ,.. :)

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