How does a foreigner do business with america?

i am from south america Suriname, i would like to purchase several machines from america, and some excipients, but can seem to find any of it in Miami Florida, or anywhere close to Miami

Is the a number i can call of some one i can mail ?
i have been trying to find a fuji mini lab for a whole year i america , and i cant believe that america has nothing that i am searching for, can anyone help me find a place where they sell equipments to start a photo business ? i have wasted a whole year on it please help

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Since it involves great deal of money, I think you better make some observation in person by yourself. You can google it, try to make list of factories of the kind in Miami. I believe they provide you with some address and phone line, make some appointment. Next, you better really come to USA with some proposal of your business. Make observation of the partner you are going to work with is very important in order to avoid being cheated on. Always start it from the small one before the big one. Be very careful.

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