Are there any foods and drink that don't have a sell by/use by date?

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never saw it on fruit

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U can't get that

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In the US, it is a law that every food must have a sell by, use by, or expiration date. The reason fruit doesn't is because it becomes quite obvious to the eye that a fruit is no longer good to eat. lol. If it is a seasoning or something containing only dry ingredients, it doesnt really go bad, just loses flavor over time.

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toh thanks :) i always thougth boiled sweets didnt have a sell by.

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Sugar based "Fruit Drinks" have a very long shelf life. Simply because it's just sugar that is simulating a fruit flavor.

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do boiled swwets have a sell by?

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As for foods, canned stuff lasts a long time. anything else your pretty limited.

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In my country, every packed "comestible good" has to have a date. Only things that are sold in pieces with no packaging do not have one.

Ant there is a maximum date. It says no food can last longer than 3 and a half years. So every food has to expire by then.

EVEN Oxygen. Bottled Oxygen counts as comestible and thus has to have an expiry date, even though it can't go bad. I mean, the oxygen in the air doesn't either.

Most people just don't care about the dates. You can eat tin food 10 years after expiry date and it's still good.

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