Are there any food that i should avoid to prevent acne ?

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Chocolate.... and.. soda.. two of the greatest creations in the history of mankind. :O

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anything greasy and sugary.. and eat lots of fruit and vegetables

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I heard meat was good in health class

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Almost right @eriktepe. Pork is actually very bad if you want to avoid acne. Rest of the meat does not really matter as long as it's not too greasy. More veggies and less candy and drink a lot of water, as most people don't drink enough at all (at least 2 liter of pure water a day, soda or coffee does not count ;) ) That should help you keep your skin a little cleaner.

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Foods to Eat:
Leafy greens- broccoli, spinach(in moderation only), kale(not good for acne.. should review), chard, beet greens- as well as a broad range of other non-starchy vegetables.
Vegetables high in beta carotene- such as carrots
Whole grains: such as brown rice, whole wheat breads (caution with wheat- see below), quinoa, cornmeal, etc.
Low-fat proteins such as low mercury fishes, organic tofu, shellfish, lean chicken and meats, gamey meats
Fruits in moderation- minimizing highly citric & sugary fruits such as oranges: while nearly all fruit is great for the body given high content of vitamins such as C; it is important to resist the urge to over-do fruits. See below. Good fruits include papaya, mango, banana, plums, tangerines and others. Lemons have been shown to be alkaline forming even though they are acidic outside the body. So, while lemons are great, if a fruit contains too much sugar, like oranges, the pH/Health benefits may be outweighed.

Foods to Avoid:
Sugars: stay away from all refined sugars. This is the fastest way to send pimples to susceptible skin; it is not a myth! Sugar upsets the natural PH and bacterial balance in the gut which leads to many systemic disturbances starting with the skin.
Too much fruit. Too much citrus can also upset the PH balance in the intestines. This is likely to lead to an imbalance in the body which often impacts the skin. Most fruits are also really high in sugar, and while, clearly better for the body than un-natural sugars, can still have the same reaction when consumed in excess. It is especially good to avoid too many fruit ju!ces which are more concentrated than the whole fruit.
Dairy. Caution with dairy products; if eaten it is best to stick with those with low-lactose and high natural acidophilus content (such as in some natural yogurts.) Some find that dairy can exacerbate acne; and many theories hold that acne can be linked to dairy allergies.
High fat foods. Fat is hard for the body to breakdown and this often shows up in the skin. Many fatty foods cause an excess of oil in the skin- this is especially true with heavily fried foods such as French fries. High fat animal meats can also be disruptive to the skin- it is best to avoid fatty red meats and stick with the leaner versions.
Wheat. Some find that acne can be triggered by wheat allergies. In general, Americans have a diet heavily weighted with wheat. Too much wheat can cause certain bacterial over-growth in the intestines leading to candidiasis.
Caffeine. Caffeine can be dehydrating and disruptive to the skin. Many find that when they refrain from drinking coffee regularly, their acne improves.
Alcohol. Alcohol acts as a sugar in the body and upsets the PH balance in the gut which then impacts the skin. If you are suffering from severe acne, you may want to try to give up all alcohol and caffeine for 3-4 weeks and see if you notice a difference.

For the most part, eating healthfully with natural, wholesome, whole grain and organic foods will positively impact most health ailments. However, given the sensitivity of our skin, you may notice a tremendous difference in simply changing your diet. Note that changing the diet takes focus and dedication. However, stick with it if you can- not only will your skin get better, but you will start to feel better all over!

Changing what you eat is one natural way to improve acne, some find that combining this with supplements and acne make the biggest difference. And even improve the state of the acne more than prescription medications.

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nice copy and paste

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I couldnt have said it any better anyways...too long to type!

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its been proven that sugar/junk food actually does NOT give you acne

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Definally fried foods. and dnt drink soda

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