Food and not food..?

What keeps your mind off of food..?

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Chewing Gum always helped me.

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I go on the computer or try cleaning something to distract myself :P

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well to keep your mind off food you need ways to make your time pass ans entertain yourself like watch tv or listen to music or like chat to friends over the phone text people .. sleep .. em play games and stuff

hope I helped ( :

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well if you do lots of things lk exersize and muck abt with friends ull b thinking abt other things if your js sittin there thn js concentrate on something other thn food

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chew gum. and dont carry the packet around with you. then if you want to eat- you have to spit out your gum, but you dont have the packet so you cant get another piece after :) ahhaha thats what I do.

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