What's the weirdest thing you eat?

Whats the weirdest thing you eat??? For me, I put k-up om my scrambles eggs yum

Answer #1

I shred cheese and eat it with salad dressing poured all over it. I make Sheppard’s Pie sandwiches… not that weird.

Answer #2

I love pinto beans,green beans,corn,and mac and cheese all mixed together plus I love bacon bits on banana

Answer #3

mmm the cheese and dressing sounds good.

I like tofu dogs, put a slice down the middle and put string cheese in it, then microwave it.

Also, any sushi. Raw eel, salmon, tuna whitefish, octopus, gimme it and I’ll eat it!

Answer #4

I put lemon on everything. I think it is kind-of a deficiancy but I put it on all hamburger helper, all rice, mac and cheese, all veggies rwa and cooked, salad, steaks, everything except mashed potatoes, I like to mix them with A-1 steak sauce. now I know it sounds gross, but it is not!!

Answer #5

Down south we put Cheddar chz. on our apple pie.

I drink gallons of pickle juice a week.

Everyone does the fries and frosty bit- that’s lame.

Ketchup on corn? (threw up a little in my mouth) I think we have a winner!

Answer #6

every time I go to wendy’s I get an order of fries and a frosty and I put the fries in the frosty and eat it with a fork.

haha. I think that’s weird. and I also put hot sauce on like everything.

Answer #7

chips in tea…

Answer #8


Answer #9

PinkPearl and youknowme91, peanut butter and banana sandwiches are the BEST, but they’re not weird or uncommon.

Hm, well I eat sushi, raw fish. Probably cause my dad is a sushi chef, but that’s also not very uncommon…

I can’t think of any at the moment :[ and I know I eat some pretty weird stuff.

Answer #10

Yea, your right blahblahblahhh, There really not that weird or uncommon. lol …I love sushi, especually in FL or SC! =]

Answer #11

I used to be fond of peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.

The strangest thing I eat now is apple cores. When I eat an apple I eat the whole thing, core and all.

Answer #12

Chocolate Chip Cookies dipped in lemonade.

I used to do it all the time at my church.

Answer #13

PinkPearl I LOVE peanut butter and banana sandwiches! lol

Answer #14

Well, there is a place in asia where they eat monkey brain with lime. I wouldn’t suggest eatting it though.

Answer #15

Peanutbutter & Cheese Sandwhiches! =]

Answer #16

hot cheesos with cream cheese, ritz with cream creams and cread with a combo of cream cheese and jam

Answer #17

Potato chip sandwiches

Peanut butter and banana sandwich (which I thought was normal until a friend of mine shrieked at the idea)

Answer #18

Avocado popcorn sandwiches with honey. Brie on brownies. Beeftongue with blueberry sauce.

Answer #19

I put nesquick(sp) on my rice mixed with water or milk

I call it coco rice :D!

Answer #20

I don’t know if you would think this is weird, but I like to eat my noodles in a pack with cheese. I also like to eat frozen grapes.

Answer #21

Pickled cockles (like mussels) in a jar. I’d just love to win a lifetime supply of these. I’d probably die from excitement if that did happen. Lol.

Answer #22

at school we would mix a bunch of sh*t on the tray and id dare my friends to eat it..one day they questioned why I never ate that stuff (lol, common sense though right?) so me and my friend steve ate it…chocolate milk mixed with strawberry sherbert with vegetables and ranch dressing I took one bite and I was sick for the rest of the day

Answer #23

beef tongue… Ramen soup and ranch… my husband eats katsup on his corn… and tripe (beef stomach)

Answer #24

Before this one nearby buffet closed down, I used to eat there and put ranch dressing on my macaroni and cheese. But now it’s closed, so I don’t do it, because it only worked with the brands of macaroni and cheese and ranch dressing they had.

Answer #25

Octopus…but I guess thats not too weird, is it?…also has anyone had a snicker with a slice of cheese on it?…well thats probably the weirdest I have in my book. for now anyway. =]

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