If a flying car is made we can travel to other countries with that car or not?

So if a flying car is made we can use that car and forget about planes and we can use our flying car to travel to another countries or not i mean if the car can fly we wouldnt need to go to the airport and buy tickets right. What do you think?

Answer #1

No, this will not happen. I have always dreamed about a flying motor but, I’m afraid, even if one was developed it would not have the range to fly any great distance. And, if you are flying over oceans, where do you stop to refeul!

Answer #2

Yeah, I think you could fly to another country in one.

Trouble is, before you get a chance to land: you would most likely get shot down by their air force for entering their air space illegally.

Answer #3

A car can’t hold enough fuel to fly to another country. Plus, not everyone can be trusted to fly a car, everyone would have to go through extensive training to become a “car pilot”. And there would have to be rules in the air, just like planes do… It would be a very complicated business. There would have to be hospitals along the way over all the oceans because there will be a lot of accidents… There’s just too much liability. Cool idea, but it will never happen.

Answer #4

In this instance, both Iffy and Mr Gramophone should try to “think outside the box”.

They both focus on “fuel” as an issue as though this were a prerequisite for a car and/or a plane.

But suppose the “flying car” is, for example, solar powered and does not need any “fuel” to drive or fly.

Solar Impulse - solar powered plane: http://j.mp/-solar-plane

Solar powered family car: http://j.mp/-solar-car

OK, maybe a solar powered flying car does not exist at the moment, but Fito’s question makes the assumption that the necessary flying car DOES exist by asking:

“ So IF a flying car IS made …” (with my emphasis)

Answer #5

Solar Impulse - solar powered plane:

Answer #6

Solar powered family car:

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