Does flying make you puke easily?

I havent flown for years and I was wondering if flying makes you puke easy.

Answer #1

Normal flying (commercial or private) almost all turns are made gradually so as not to make the passengers ill….in any airplane, if the pilot makes a sudden, drastic turn or dive, this will make most people ill because your body is not prepared for such aa unexpected - sudden/drastic change/manuever (especially true of a fighter-type aircraft). Normal manuvering, you’re fine.

Answer #2

its diffrent for every person for me no . but if you think it will for you then go to the drugstore and buy some pills that make you not puke …

Answer #3

don’t ask me but all my friends fly from place to place butdon’t look down and you’re good

Answer #4

Flying doesn’t make you puke or up chuck as I would call it. You may feel a little natious at times though. If you do feel natious and feel that you are really thirsty, my advice is not to drink alot of liquid but a couple sips of water. You may also want to bring some saltin crackers with you just incase of an emergency. When the flight attendent comes around asking for what drink you would like, I think the best choice is either some kind of soda or gingerale, I don’t know exactly how it works, but it makes you feel alot better.

However, if you do start to feel as though you will up chuck, try to go to sleep to forget about it. Going to the bathroom may not be the brightest idea because the bathrooms stink most of the time which really doesn’t help, especially with the plane’s movement.

Answer #5

It’s different for every person. I find it no different than riding in a car. Though there are those people who take a medication before flying to avoid sickness. The airline always provides bags, just in case it happens. The stewardess will then dispose of the bag. Just make sure you are not riding on an totally empty or completely full stomach. Crackers are a good plane snack for sickness. It also helps me to chew gum while accelerating up (the take-off is my favorite part). It helps relieve the pressure in my ears. Just don’t think about the negatives of flying and have fun!!

Answer #6

yes it does

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