Flirty truth or dare questions and dares

What are some flirty truth or dare questions or dares?

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who would you rather french kiss? ___,___,___,___? I dare you to do it to them!!!

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Truuth : would yu evver ___ wiith me?
Dare: then do iit.

Truth or dare game questions

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I dare you to sleep with your dog with out any clothes lol I didnt do it befor

I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
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ever have sex when your anal area wasn't clean?

questions I can ask in a truth and dare

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Truth; have yu ever had a blowjob?.
Dare; I dare yu to let me give yu 1.

Dirty truth or dares
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I dare you to unzip my pants (for man or Woman)

good naughty dares to do in truth or dare

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What's your kinkiest sexual fantasy about me?

What are some dirty truth or dares?
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Who was you latest sexual dream about? What was it?

Naughty Truth or dare?

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I played strip poker in my school... LOL I kept wanting to do it.

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What is one thing you would never want to get caught doing?
Dare you to do it!

Phone Truth or dare
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far out some of youse are really sick. the poor gal said flirty, not nauseating!
try this one: 'whats the most romantic thing you would do for someone you were dating'
that should get things opened up. personal questions are also good, and LISTEN to the answers. sometimes listening is the best way of flirting

Dirty dares
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ever have sex when your anal area wasn't clean?

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sisirose- you just said flirty not gross ideas well take a look at your dare?!?!

my truth is- have you ever thought about making out with me

my dare is... if you like this persson- I dare you to make out with me

that is filthy like some of the others

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okay, some of those answers were okay but if you want it to be flirty, dont be the one daring. If theres a group of people get someone else to do it for you. But if the person you like already knows then disregard that.

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give eachother a blow job!!! fun fun fun

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people she asked for flirty not grose ideas so you might want to change them around a lil bit god...
ok here is my guestion!
Would you ever sleep over at my house even though I dont have another bed?
Here is my dare!
When you sleepover you would have to sleep in my bed with me bbut I dont sleep in any clothes we will kiss and have sex do it to me now while every one else is not looking!

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well you usually I play this one game that I think is a Lil more kinkier than that one...Lol...its called what would we you should ask what were you do if we were in your room.. and well he answers...then he asks you what would we do question too...try gets very kinky...Lol.

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I play truth or dare all the time and we have fun with it but I don't do really bad crap like banging each other we just touch lol I should start doing it the other way huh more fun?

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here's a good idea. Play with people you know inc. the person you like. when playin make it "obvious" that you don't want any dare or truth involvin the person you like. The others will then play on this, and try to make u "suffer" by givin you truth and dares involvin him/her. 1 thing can often lead 2 another, trust me it works. I tried it, nended up bein dared 2 kiss the 1 I liked 4 a start! ;)

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dare I dare you to have unprotected sex with a dog
truth was it better than your loser boyfriend

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hmm, well if your playing with people you like truth or dare is one of the BEST games to play. Its more like "truth:wood you ever kiss me or would you ever go with me." Its a fun game to find out stuff and if you play with some one you know doesnt back down dares...GO AHEAD! dare them CRAZY things!
Hope this helps you!
I play truth or dare alll the time.

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she asked for flirty not filthy

umm ask him have you ever thought anout getting with me

it lets him noe that you havethought about it

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