How do you flirt with a boy?

How do you flirt with a boy I try but I’m not realy good though

Answer #1

she’s right flirting does come naturally but there are different ways to do it. i flirt ALOT ALOT it’s really fun. i just talk to them but i smile from time to time and start lots of conversations. i also like to do an activity. its best to do something he likes. let him no that you have stuff in common. just don’t make it so noticable then they might get weirded out. just try your best.

Answer #2

Hey im a girl in gr 9 so I havent had plenty of flirting expertice, but I will help. Guys LOVE when smile without showing teeth and keep your eyes nutral but sexy at the same time. I most of the time lean in to encourage them to pay attention, and flutter my eyelashes just at the beginning then stop and smile, look down then up at them. Tilit your head slightly to look down then smile and look up and your lashes and eyes will do the job!Even when your not in conversation, be cautious that he is watching you. Flutter your eyeslashes, but dont look stupid! I flirt by smiling and hugging as a good bye. Its normal in my school to hug a guy hello or good bye, but if its not in urs then dont do it. Questions of a relationship with pop and you will HATE IT. I did a dare with a guy to hug and it got to the other classes- during school! Rocking while hugging shows you dont want the hug to end- RELATIONSHIP ALERT! Dont be too flirty but make sure you do these few things.

  1. Touch TOUCH TOUCH but dont be too obvious, light touches, brushes and flciks can make him burn

  2. Be Flirty, talk dirty or sexy, tho make it kinda casual so it not noticable

  3. Get close, in his personal space They love that

  4. Be kinduv random and funny be nice, sey and casual

  5. Move those hips of urs! Use any curves you have, and be very sensualish. NOT OBVIOUS THO



Answer #3

use his name a lot when your talking because it makes the conversation personal and shows him that you are paying attention to him


Answer #4

Usually flirting comes natural to a girl =]]

Answer #5

If you like a guy you will probably not act like yourself. so just relax and try not to act like a total fool.

Answer #6

you be your self start with a hi dont say any thing abot the weather thats a give a way you like him and if you want him to know you like him ask him out.hopefuly the talk will carry on from there.

Answer #7

I said you in my seat he said you can sit in my lap with a serious look on his face I thought it was serios it looked serios . IS THAT flirting with me or is that just friendsy type stuff HELP ME

Probably not, most guys are pretty good at keeping a straight face.

Answer #8

As well as your flirting skills, it may also be that little or no people want to flirt back with /you/. :/

Answer #9

it’s not that hard. touch or brush against him when ya’ll are talking, or if you are joking around put your hand on his when you laugh, but only breifly. also I’ve found most guys love sarcasm.

Answer #10

I’m a 17 year old guy. I agree completely with connor. Girls, just touch, whisper, fiddle, smile and you’re well on your way. Get into his personal space and he will get the idea. YOU LIKE HIM!!! Good luck.

Answer #11

ok im not good at flirting either and its hard sometimes but just smie when he looks at you and be yourself and I’ve found that really helps

Answer #12

Hmmm well flirting should just come naturally form a person. I’ll tell you my personal experience. I actualyl flirt a lot ;) But I don’t even notice it. I guess flirting can be from anything to chit chatting and having little tiny fusses with each other to playing with each others hair and playfully punching each other. I find that people have said “Oh your such a flirt sometimes!” Like, my friends, and some of my guy friends. Haha crazy ain’t it?! :P But like I think that flirting isnt a bad thing, it just shows that your playful and pretty outgoing. Flirting with a guy doesnt mean you like them, it means you just WANT to flirt with them. But, make sure you don’t flirt over board as to even kissing, Because if you flirt with the wrong guy, a guy that you would never like, they could possibly get the wrong message and thing you like them. Alittle bit will do for that guy. Hmm here are something that I personally would do.

Chit Chatting & Little fights:

Maybe you could start off a small conversation while walking down the school hall or during class, when there’s free time and and just talk. When you come across a certain time that you think its right, you can say something out of the ordinary and something random. Probably the guy would say something like “Your so weird” then you can say “Your so mean!” playfully of course! ;) And then yo ucan stick out your tongue and turn you back to him. He will eventually say sorry and stuff like that. Soon you’ll get a flow going and you’d probably come up with things that you do yourself! ;) hahaha Good luck!

Answer #13

Ok, I’m a guy in high school… And I can tell you I DEFINANTLY love it when girls touch me… Even if it is as simple as wiping something off of a shirt. But, girls, when you do this, please don’t be “ just messing around” cause nothing pissis me off more than a girl that flirts but she didn’t mean it. When a girl flirts with me, I usually look for an opertunity to return the favor. And guys, please tell me if I’m looking at it the wrong way. Otherwise, guys LOVE it when girls touch them, Anywhere. It could be as simple a rub on a back, or a hand on a sholder. Guys also like it when you get REALLY close to his ear, almost to kiss him, but wisper something in ear. You can also fiddle with his necklase or his shirt collar.

Answer #14

Ok I’ve tried this many the hall when your getting in your locker for your books.when hes walking by pretend your not looking at your bookbag and drop the it in a almost unnoticable way though.let it graze the side of the bookbag.he might come to help pick it up!if that doesnt work, tell a friend thats good at keeping secrets to bump into you fairly hard in the hall when your standing next to you fall into him,but not to hard.he’ll try to keep you from falling.GOOD LUCK!

Answer #15

well I get a lot of boys flirting wit me like when they always trying to make you laugh, and when they talk sexy to u, to do the same back!=)good luck wit getting a boyfriend!!!

Answer #16

Make sure, when you talk to him, you mention words, like: hot, gorgeous, beautiful & sexy… It will make him think of those words when he thinks of you… And, if you get the chance- touch him, even if it’s only that your arms brush against each other for a few seconds. It’s like electricity. If he has something in his hair, or on his shoulder, make sure you get rid of it for him. Brush whatever it is off slowly. And, finally, it’s never bad to be a little dirty-minded when it comes to crushes. Even if you’re just joking, it’ll make him think of doing those things with you. That should get him going… Hope I helped! x

Answer #17

ohkay listen flirting come naturaly and I am a huge flirt at times you can just talk sexually to them be nice say your so mean and all thatstuff btu thats just talk you can also flirt by doing play the are younervous game and that gets you farwith this boy trust me it works good luck

Answer #18

Girls just flirt flirt flirt!

Just having a laugh or a boy teasing you can be a form of flirting,~ I bet you flirt without knowing it.


Answer #19

I have trouble flirting all the time too! Usually, I see if I can observe from other people, its actually really obvious someone is flirting if you or the other person isn’t doing it. So just look around to get tips, thats what I do!! XD

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