Fish or chinese

Fish and chips or chinese takaway xxx

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chinese is the best!

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Yeah today I feel like chinese because I had fish and chips yesterday XD

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Today I feel like Fish 'n Chips. Another day will be Chinese - Dry Ribs and Wor Wonton Soup!

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Well, personally I like spicy food so I would pick the chinese take-away as im not too keen on fish and chips.

So I'd go for the chinese take-away as you can just phone them and you don't need to walk to the chippy for fish and chips. - but it's your choice, really.



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It would depend on how the fish is done/ served... I would go for the Chinese take-away food typically (anything with pork please, lol).

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fish and chips for the win,proper british food lol u'll only get a decent chinese when there are less cats about lol, they say its chicken but its not

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Fish will be good ..

Chinese food

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